JČU opens new faculty Added:2.9. 2009
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JČU opens new faculty

From the first day of September the University of South 8 faculties. The most recent of these is the Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection. Merger of the Research Institute of Fish Culture and Hydrobiology and Fisheries Department, Faculty of Agriculture. Its purpose is to eliminate the fragmentation of teaching fishing industries. This is carried out in both mentioned institutions.

The newly established faculty is only one of its focus in the Czech Republic. Offers students the practical and scientific environment. Faculty has a farm pond, fishing locations, laboratories, aquarium rooms, facilities for experimental research on reproduction, genetics and breeding of fish and fishing specialist library. Students are also confronted with the breeding of fish and crayfish and ecotoxicology.

Faculty of Management would also like to enhance cooperation in domestic and mezinárdoními experts.

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