Competition for the scholarship on the Anglo-American high school Added:4.9. 2009
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Competition for the scholarship on the Anglo-American high school

Private Anglo-American College announced a competition for a scholarship that covers tuition for the first year of study at this school. The task is to write an essay of 500 words on „The role of education in a time of global crisis.“ Essay must be created in English and sent to the school to 14 ** September 2009 ** to the email address **. ** Results will be posted on the "pages of high school: 15th… September 2009.

Anglo-American high school located in Prague and its lessons are taught exclusively in English. He studies are approximately 500 students from the Czech Republic. The school cooperates with U.S. universities in Hawaii and Michigan.

Studying here to undergraduate majoring in Economics and Management, Politics and Society, the study of Humanities and Culture, Comparative Law and International Relations. The master's program followed by Public Policy, Humanities, International Relations and Diplomacy and the two recently launched a Diploma in Business and Law in International Markets and Quantitative Asset and Risk Management.

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