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Manual for freshmen IV. - FOOD Added:9.9. 2009
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Manual for freshmen IV. - FOOD

Although the student sometimes considerably deep pockets, there are things that you just can not refuse. These include the daily diet. Being whole days on bread and butter is indeed one of the many ways to save on food, but still there are other options …

Before you start to eat the overpriced companies, because you feel around your school or college is nothing else, try to look around first. You should start on your school website, go to the student forums and portals, or try to deal directly with older and more experienced colleagues. Many of the hospitality of the new action of your life you need to tell you but just an ordinary walk …

Dining Services === === Despite the ongoing food price increases (but usually only in the order of crowns annually) remains one of the cheapest canteen while still acceptable dining options. The main meal they give about 25 to 40 crowns for a minute then from 45 to 70 crowns. Soup, which has often not part of the menu will cost about 5–8 crowns. Selective palates are sure to please the most cafeterias can now select from a variety of meals at least four (and sometimes even up to twelve). Usually you will find among them a vegetarian dish, one Czech, one international and one minute. Still it is common also offer dietary meals, baguettes, salads and desserts. The exception is no longer pizza. Some student canteens Moreover, you can go to breakfast or dinner, and at the same discounted prices. But beware, in every canteen, students have to only a limited number of subsidized meals a day, usually two.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3061/MZLU­.jpg]

  • This is where students eat MUAF Brno (hand rails on Josef Taufer, photo *

Meals in the student dining has only the disadvantage that it still works like a traditional vending machines, and not a restaurant (although so many seem to, or are they close to their services). Your complaints directed to the long queues, lack of space and seating věšácích slightly přesolenou soup or dirty the tablecloth so nobody will not hear. At the same time I also usually can not come any assaults you hungry – your stomach is simply to follow the opening hours of the dining room. In most cafeterias is now used for special dietary or ISIC card, which can then charge a certain amount of which will be deducted the meal (although this does not apply everywhere: for example, BUT went on friendly system with the motto "You eat without paying – what a month projíš, pay at the end. "). Meals can be somewhere and have to order in advance directly through the terminal building, canteen, or via the Internet. Most cafeterias that were transferred to non-cash, and thus faster payment of meals.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3061/UT­B.jpeg]

  • If you are a student or will you TBU, you need to eat here (U5 Refectory – South slopes Photo: ": *

Buffets === === At most schools also operate snack bars. Their opening hours vary, but often are available throughout the day. They are located in virtually every major school building, or in its vicinity, and almost by definition is found in the areas of student halls of residence (but not always tend to set up a university and are therefore not applicable in the food card from the canteen). Range here is more "a la fast food, but unlike Catering here can be purchased as a snack or coffee on the road. In many spins and beer. Their disadvantage is in addition to enhanced food supply is also a small seating capacity.

Student cafes, tearooms and pubs

Some cities (such as Olomouc, Brno and Prague) are published by „student“ of companies. Student because they are tailored to meet young people can be good here is to learn and many have Wi-Fi. „Student“ But there are also a variety of meals and drinks and last but not least, price.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3061/bur­ger.jpg]

  • Meals a la fast food tend to be cheaper, but beware, all too bad … (Photo: *

Some businesses may become „student“ back up – just because it is located near a school or the students began to gather there on their own, even though they do not meet any of the above criteria … The companies announced the student is best to inquire years or older zabrouzdat forums for student and school newspapers.

Lunch === === Another way to save a little food is „vychytat“ those businesses which do you like and still offer a convenient lunch menu. If you're lucky, you'll pay for it to be like a minute in the canteen. A certain disadvantage is that the proclaimed price lunch menu is usually not final – it must include the expenditure on drink and some percentage of it as an extra tip. Cheaper but are commonly and public dining rooms, cafeterias, etc.

The manufacture === === But whether you „out there“ no matter how delicious, granny's still on it „is not the home cooking“ – that is, of course, only if your schedule permits. And when you're not available or beef cakes from his mother, the food is to create yourself. The big advantage of self-catering is that you corrected yourself taste, portion and price, while a certain disadvantage is the length and the need to wash dishes. But do not just cook at home or on campus: how about you liven up a long school day with a nice picnic in the park?

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3061/o­meleta.jpg]

Author: Černá, Lucie

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