Banking Institute opens first branch in English - still can be loud! Added:10.9. 2009
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Banking Institute opens first branch in English - still can be loud!

Prague College of Banking (Banking Institute), Inc., opened its first branch taught in English only – ** „Banking Management“:…jinich-oboru / Banking, Management-Programs-banking.201 **. Studying it can cycle bachelor's degree (in full-time and combined form), and since this academic year.

First year of study focuses on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field. The next two years, students will receive extra training practices in selected banks or financial institutions. Degree obtained upon successful completion of the field of Banking Management is recognized not only here but also in all foreign educational institutions in Europe and in many other countries. The total cost for the study of this area comes to 37 000 CZK per semester.

After completing undergraduate cycle can continue building a masters program in Finance (currently taught only in Czech language) and MBA program. Currently being prepared in English and other courses conducted in undergraduate studies at the Institute of Banking (including Masters).

** The submission of applications: ** BICB extended the deadline for submission of applications to study at ** all bachelor and master courses related to the ** 30th ** September 2009 **. Entrance exams are not held (for admission to the key findings of enrollment, depending on the number of candidates can be a bachelor by the Rector into account also the results of secondary education and previous job experience).

More information about study requirements for applications and tuition, visit the „Banking Institute“:…ace-o-studiu.

Source: Press Release Banking Institute

Author: Černá, Lucie

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