ISIC Tour is coming! Added:12.9. 2009
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ISIC Tour is coming!

Another part is coming event called ISIC Tour, during which approximately one month to visit a total of 15 universities and colleges. ISIC team will be under it represent not only the benefits that are currently created by the ISIC card, but will try and find out what benefits students still lack. In addition, those who come to the event among the first 333 visitors with a valid ISIC card receive a gift package.

Ready but will the competition – you will be able to demonstrate need in darts or powerball and you win for one of 15 prizes (including tickets from Ticketstreamu, passes to Spindleruv Mlyn, funky covers from mobile Shopguru, cool kegy from Staropramen and many others). Throughout the event there will also be an accompanying program, during which, for example, you can try to pick spot jumping shoes (they are also one of the prizes in the main competition).

ISIC Tour starts 6th ** ** October at the Charles University in Prague, the last stop will be 12th ** ** November at the Czech Agricultural University, also in the capital. A detailed breakdown of ISIC Tour and more information, see „here“:…as/isic-tour.

Source: „“:…as/isic-tour

Author: Černá, Lucie

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