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Guide graduation year Added:19.9. 2009
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Guide graduation year

Last year in high school can mean growing submarine illness, stress and worry, but also unforgettable experiences that former classmates remember the encounters over the years. What is therefore prepared in a nutshell?

** ** The first half

** • Application for graduation test **

The first step to success is to give a graduation application. It may seem a mere formality, yet the decision of what graduate things easier. Ideally, the substance should be examined subjects that overlap, which is needed for testing. Otherwise, the student assigned to unnecessary extra charge. For conventional applications are given over to graduation before Christmas, and if the student did not choose himself, declare objects classroom teacher. The state graduation you need to sign it before 15 November. Registration is binding and the selected objects can not be changed.

** • ** last trip together

Completion of the school year in a joint release from classroom walls in the year of graduation is held. However, most classes run in the fall on the last trip together, mostly in Prague. All students are already of legal age, so you can enjoy more than earlier freedom.

** • invitations to stužkáč **

High school graduates last year, the student becomes official after it fits into the class teacher maturantského state. This happens on stužkovacím party. In this it is necessary to invite teachers who accompanied the students during their studies. Many classes in the form of invitations to give care. Typical masks are hilarious and outputs throughout the school. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, however, all masks are ringing sit down at their desks, waiting for the school day, like everyone else.

** • ** stužkovací party

Sezvaní teachers meet over a common toast with his students at stužkovacím party. Girls are a genuflection to the state passing maturantského roses, guys with a sword. The ceremony accompanying the joint party of students and teachers, which are reflected in photos from trips and lessons, play the scene, drinking and dancing. Although stužkovací party is one of the highlights of graduation year, his organization can really wave the class relations.

** • Application to high school **

Application to college should think carefully. On the other hand, it is necessary neotálet too – send it later can mean a lost opportunity to report to a dream school that year. The trend of recent years are also an additional round of entrance examinations, which can in some cases apply until September next year. The hottest sectors, it is necessary to apply early and not rely on the generosity of faculty. The arts are challenging due to the entrance during a fall deadlines, so you need to continuously monitor the information on the website of the selected faculties. A comprehensive list of universities that can help make sense of the disciplines offered, for example, is available annually in a special issue of teachers' newspaper.

** ** Second half

** • ** prom

Other organizational concerns fall on the shoulders maturantská in the form of preparation prom. Ensure raffle, program, ticket sales … It should dust off the dance steps and give you the courage to invite her to the dance teacher of mathematics. You never know when it might come in handy :-) galance manifested.

• GCSE ** written **

The first part of the GCSE has been going on in the spring. Students come to school a little more elegant clothes, to let her check writing. The hardest is usually written maturitách decision process of the themes. This may affect the final grade. At some schools, it says only essay in the Czech language, the other is part of a written examination of knowledge of a foreign language, or counting the examples in the compulsory GCSE in mathematics. All this probably changes the coming state graduation.

** ** • Preparation tabla

Tableau is the calling card class to which the ice cream in hand, watching often completely alien to people, so it pays to take care on him. With server students have the motivation to try to be the most original – every year choose the best table, which the photos are viewing the entire republic. Regional competitions are held also the regional winner of the diaries and rarely leave empty-handed.

• Ring ** Last **

That I can not imagine life without the bell sounding every forty-five minutes? From the roar of the school bell to wean away very easily, in high schools is governed by a lecture arrival and departure of lecturers. Students will take the last bell of his historic final report and included in the city streets. Popular are again themed masks and spraying water, painting lipstick on passers-by and collecting money for the final party. Somewhere inside the last ring is a dinner or breakfast with the class teacher.

** • ** student rag

A popular festival, which writes itself Alois Jirasek in philosophical history of the student rag, which is the choice of King Majáles. Not every high school is not participating in it. Recently rag becomes more commercial matters through a series of concerts in major cities of the Republic. Yet even local elections have kings that are organized mostly lower grades of the school, still a tradition.

• Holy Week ** **

Why only be based on Holy Week at the first days of May, when the beautiful outdoors? How then can learn? Most students, however, blurs and blinds surround the packages of coffee and green tea. They find that the planning of schedule and not keep repeating the substance wolf chocolate bars to calm. Some stress, lose weight a few pounds. Yet psychologists recommend not forget to relax and rest. And the night before the actual graduation rather nedohánět nedohnatelné, but get some sleep.

• ** Graduation **

Some of the bad dreams about the upcoming graduation wake up sweaty today, others at his high school diploma after years of not even remember. The actual D-Day experiences differently. For some, it forced the theater, another barometer of their own hard work and knowledge. If graduation dubbed „maturity exam“ law, finds everyone in myself.

** • entrance examination to college **

Maturities in your pocket does not mean winning, the more important battle will take place in the school benches, on which the student seeks. Not only because of the SCIO and in recent years but also happens to soils high schools and other institutions during the year. Graduates can go to graduation with a calm heart, it is up to his unsuspecting subject has already passed.

• transfer certificate ** **

Closing ceremony accompanies the distribution of school-leaving diploma certificate. This week a piece of paper then makes happy parents and grandparents before it gets to its place of honor somewhere between the other form. Although most of the time lying in a closet, you can not bypass it without the filing of an application to college and finding employment.

• ** ** graduation party

For many, graduation is a celebration of the last major event, which reunites the entire class. After the holidays with fellow students disperse to all corners of the republic and the world-Still can not find classes that associate with their professors regularly at various meetings outside the formal framework was a pupil – teacher. Post-graduation party is the first such one.

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