Faculty of Chemical Technology, up from September in New Added:14.9. 2009
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Faculty of Chemical Technology, up from September in New

His 60th academic year starts University of Pardubice (UP), opening the new premises of the Faculty of Chemical Technology (FChT). He cuts ceremonial ribbon UP Rector and Minister of Education on Monday 14th ** September ** exactly 14 hours. Construction of the complex took three years.

The new complex not only one of the greatest architectural realizations of universities in the Czech Republic at all, but it is also one of the most technologically complex structures in scientific research and educational institutions over the past few decades. It will form the main part of a comprehensive university campus in the city of Pardubice II – Polabinách. It comprises a total of three buildings, which are centered around the square in the Academic Student Street, and from physical devices (in the southeast corner of campus Kunětické Street), which has not been put into operation in autumn 2006. The whole area is 168 labs with top technical and technological facilities, 24 classrooms including a computer, the four large lecture halls and other large facilities for the dean of the faculty, each department, academic staff and resident students.

FChT complex approval process has been completed at 28 November 2008 in a public auditorium is taught since the end of February 2009. In spring and summer, then took place at individual sites and moving equipment into the new premises of the faculty and the implementation of finishing last. In June 2009 the building won first prize in a prestigious architectural competition for the Grand Prix of Architects 2009th Currently shortlisted nominees between actions implemented in the Building 2009.

Celebration at the University of Pardubice on Monday 14 September afternoon and visit her as head of staff of the University and the Faculty of Chemical Technology, for which the area was built, and representatives of the Ministry of Education, county, city and other partners in the professional and business community and representatives of construction companies that participated in the construction (invitation „here“: http://www.upce.cz/akce.html?…). The public will be able to see the new facility on Wednesday 23rd ** September 2009 ** ** Evening in the science and chemistry **, during examinations at 15 and 18 hours. Other program events will consist of numerous lectures, exhibitions and more. An evening of science and chemistry begins at 16:30 pm (for more information about the program can be found „here“: http://www.upce.cz/akce.html?… = 1 & filter = 1).

Source: Press release, University of Pardubice

Author: Černá, Lucie

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