Individual Study Plan Added:12.12. 2013
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Individual Study Plan

How it makes your friend who works at the studio and still has time to travel? You do not know how we can reconcile the study of high school with more serious health problems? Nowadays, the connection becomes increasingly skloňovanějším called „individual learning plan.“ What is it, where you can ask for it and what can be a potential obstacle, summarizes our article.

** What is ** The so-called „Individual“ You may have heard already in high school. There may be at the request of a pupil or his parents granted ** ** for special reasons, such as long-term illness or other circumstances that prevent full-time education (sport at top level, a significant artistic activity, etc.). In high school, it works similarly. Individual study plan is actually a special form daily (full-time) study, which caters to individual student needs while trying to keep him ** ** level playing field with his colleagues, whether it is the accessibility of materials or performance tests. This is common eg for doctoral students. Individual study plan allows some private universities.

** How ** With a little exaggeration, one could say that the device is a matter of individual plan considerably individual – at every school, faculty and even department in the process of submission and approval a little differently. Generally, the first step is to consider their own options and proper justification ** ** request. Most schools accept as a compelling reason for the request, or serious medical complications of pregnancy, some tolerate working in the studio and on the other application is directly necessary for example when studying abroad. Basic information should always provide the study department of the competent person or department. Condition for an individual study plan is the application ** ** whose form should be commonly available, usually downloaded from the web of the faculty or department. The request should be submitted in writing, must contain non-personal information such as length of time for which the „Individual“ you ask, and possibly a medical. The application must then be approved ** ** associate dean, department head or other responsible person. The individual study plan is not always necessary to ask from the beginning of the school year, some schools offer an application and during the semester. If the application is approved, the student should change the form of study to inform teachers ** ** (eg, supervisor or project). Agreeing in this case is absolutely necessary. Guarantors of items you must disclose conditions for the successful completion of the course, dates of submission of work and above all speak with them ** ** individual consultations, which essentially replaced the normal course of the semester tuition and become the foundation of your studies.

** When we get it ** It is surprising how easy it is to some faculties „Individual“ to get and how impossible it may be a few doors away. While for some of the department's work in the study of individual choice and of course the plan has already recommended in the report, elsewhere are accepted only very exceptional cases. But there are also the department that an individual study plan can not give formal reasons because no official curriculum as such does not exist. Students are then faced with the dilemma of whether to go on the combined form of study, or opt for a completely different school. In any case, if the individual study plan you are considering, find out carefully what conditions apply ** you ** just at the department and whether they are your reasons for requesting perceived as sufficient. You will then have time to consider all options and find the optimal solution to their situation.

** Experience students ** Paul HTF Prague: „Individual learning plans accompanies me almost since high school. At our faculty has a "indivi“ enough people, and its approval is not a big problem. Only then is hard to live up to fulfill the conditions of study. For example, if one does not attend lectures during the exam period finds that the subject barely knows her name (at best only knows what those words mean), and prefer to test or not issue, and then at the end of wonders when you want to throw. Something like that I dealt with at the beginning of the 2nd year conditional move into next year because of prolonged illness certified by a doctor, but it is an isolated incident – or on most faculties apparently does something similar. "

** Source: ** „Document PravMU“:

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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