ISIC Run-Up 2009: hearty workout at the school stairs! Added:16.9. 2009
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ISIC Run-Up 2009: hearty workout at the school stairs!

Probably hardly any school can do without steps, and each student is forced to them during the school year track out perhaps thousands. What about them so this year maturity and a little practice playing before school starts?

Option will no longer have to be 26th ** ** September, which will be held in our last episode yet jedninečného cycle races in the run up stairs with the name of the Run-Up ** 2009 **. After Ostrava and Olomouc will take place only in Prague, where you will enjoy as usual impressive 27 floors high-rise building City Tower.

And it is only in the capital will be held for the first time a race dedicated specifically to students over 16 years – ISIC ** Run-Up 2009 **. Schools and universities that will have (in addition to individual event) the opportunity to participate in teams of four runners, while students can compete in costumes or T-shirt with the logo of their school.

You say what you from the drudgery ever have? As students and ISIC cardholders get a discount on entry fee, which for you will be 100, – CZK instead of the usual 200, -/250, – CZK. Each competitor will receive a bag with a drink and lots of small gifts. But also poised to be a valuable prize for the best three runners, such as backpacks, watches, video games, cosmetics, and „many others“: The absolute winner of the race also take home a voucher for a balloon flight for two people. During the competition day there will also hold concerts and there will be many stalls, competitions and games for those who just neholdují „schodovému“ sport …

All those who revel him, in return, may register by 25th ** September to 12:00 am ** on the website „“: or „www.chytrepa­“: http://…/run-up-2009, where also more detailed information available about the race (including the important „advice for training“: = tips).

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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