Public lectures on "MatFyzu" Added:26.9. 2009
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Public lectures on "MatFyzu"

Institute of Theoretical Physics Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, held this year in collaboration with the Department for External Relations and the promotion of Charles University in a series of lectures on modern physics. The common theme of all lectures for this fall is a dead end ** Inspirational development of physics **.

** Every second Thursday from 18:00 pm ** is in a building in Troy MatFyzu door opens to the general public. The first lecture on 8 October 2009. The attractiveness of this cycle, no doubt – you can look forward to lectures on alchemy, ether, condemned theories about the origin of the universe, perpetual motion, or quanta.

Detailed information, topics of lectures and an overview of past years can be found on the „this address“:…arizace/PMF/. Admission is free.

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