Create a poster for the Researchers' Night 2009! Added:18.9. 2009
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Create a poster for the Researchers' Night 2009!

European Commission initiative „Researchers in Europe“ (Researches in Europe) has organized the fifth year of entertainment for the public, which bears the name of the Researchers' Night ** **. Events are held throughout Europe on the 25th September and their aim is to present science as a personal, human and interesting discipline devoid of prejudice.

For this year's annual Night of scientists announced a competition for best poster **. ** You can compete in three age categories: 6–12, 13–18 and over 18 years. Proposals for posters may be sent to the competition to 24 ** ** September, the winner will determine its own voting by website visitors.

Information about the entire event, details on the contest and contest posters can be found on the „this address“:….

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