The Special Branch: Military branches Added:23.9. 2009
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The Special Branch: Military branches

The army and military units is one of the basic components of the state defense. Although its importance most people realize when they feel themselves threatened, the function is much larger army. Besides defense of the state involved in numerous missions abroad, and also provides significant assistance during crisis events of various nature. (First article was updated on the 12th, 2009)

In the Czech Republic disciplines aimed at military and defense only to study at the University of Defence Brno (CS). It is also one of a total of two state universities in our country and it manages the Ministry of Defence. At public universities find related field only within the Faculty of Physical Education at Charles University in Prague (Charles University), which offers bachelor and the related master's degree in military physical training.


Under the „military branches“ You certainly can not imagine only education in the techniques of fighting and defense of the population and property. Their menu is actually far more extensive and includes both branches of the military and military-managerial, economic, technical or medical direction. But as CS says on its website, the school does not intend to prepare students directly to a specific profession or specific military function. Its aim is to equip students a wide range of knowledge from various fields and raise them to be able to handle working in a particular area of ​​management and leadership. Emphasis is of course, puts even the formation of their personality, ie, physical fitness, mental endurance and language skills. Specific military command or the knowledge already acquired by students in special classes or during military training outside the university. All fields are not military professionals, but also the civilian candidates. The study is of course open to women. Civilian students have neither during, nor after graduating from the UO any business or employment relationships and commitment to the Army of the Czech Republic.

** Specific area of ​​military studies at the UO **

  • ** State Defense Economy and Military Management ** – these fields (listed in all stages of study) focus primarily on economic and organizational matters in the conduct of the defense sector. Bachelor degree in Economics provides students with defense theoretical knowledge of the creation, distribution and use of resources that are necessary to protect the needs and activities of the Armed Forces. Study Management is also focused on the area of ​​management of military systems, the knowledge transfer necessary for the exercise of command and other functions such as military or management-oriented government. Both branches organized by Faculty of Economics and Management CS.
  • ** ** Military Technology – Bachelor's program of military technology (the same name which follows the program and then master and doctoral) covers many sub-fields, among which we find such discipline Combat and Special Vehicles, Aircraft Electrical Systems, Air and missile technology, air traffic , Radiolocation, Military Geography and Meteorology, Military Chemical Weapons and ammunition, and more.

Their main purpose is to prepare a theoretical site for professionals – as the name suggests, the program – specific military positions (such as military aircraft pilots, air traffic control personnel, experts in the field of protection against weapons of mass destruction and chemical security, military professionals in the field of aviation and rocket technicians, experts in the field of passive surveillance systems, electronic warfare equipment and radar survey equipment, etc.).. All also share a common theoretical foundation courses (Bachelor's de­gree): physics, mathematics, communications and information technology, command and control in the information age, psychological and social aspects of management and the basics right.

  • ** ** Military Health – within the Faculty of Military Health in UO study can be two three-year undergraduate programs, namely, to specialize in Health (Paramedic medical field) and the Military Medical Management (with the same field). Graduate medical rescuer should be able to independently provide individual care to people acutely vulnerable to health and control the provision of first aid. Under the supervision of a physician can then assist even in demanding performances. Medical management is the focus, as is evident in the management of healthcare organizations – and at peace, crisis and wartime conditions. Graduates thus gaining knowledge about the whole health system and provision of health care in health facilities and stationary field type.

Faculty but offers among the three graduate programs (with Serak branches): Military pharmacy (5-year study), the Military General Medicine (6 years) and Military Dentistry (5 years). Among the industrial objects find all of them for example, those such as disaster medicine, protection against weapons of mass destruction, Management of Military Medicine, Medical training in the field, the Organization of Military Medicine in Peace, radiobiology, toxicology, epidemiology, military, and many others. This list, of course, complement the profile subjects and internships. Faculty of Military Health Sciences is located only one in Hradec Kralove.

** ** Doctoral Programs In addition to doctoral programs related to the above, CS also organizes a number of other specialized differently. Overall we can say that it is the doctoral programs that prepare independent and fully qualified and professionals in their field. Are usually four, sometimes five.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3075/ar­mada.jpg * *] Study of military disciplines is not just about fighting (photo:

Admission tests === === At the Faculty of Military Technology consist of civilian applicants for undergraduate study only tests in mathematics organized by SCIO, at the Faculty of Economics and Management only in English and the Faculty of Military Health are the applicants for undergraduate study examined cvilní knowledge of biology, English and physical fitness. Candidates should study the military test range tests at the entrance exams a little wider.

=== Graduates

Defense University educates military professionals and other professionals working in the sphere of security and defense, arising from the needs of the Armed Forces, government and contractual obligations with other democratic countries. University graduates are ready for operation in units of foreign missions and the activities of NATO. These spheres are also an essential point at which its graduates, but their application are also within the Ministry of Defence, etc..

MILITARY == Sports, Charles University ==

Admission tests === === Entrance exams for this field are written (test of general knowledge and English) and „talent“:…ovky0708.pdf (athletics, gymnastics, sports, swimming, tests for measuring conditions for „special physical preparation“:

=== Graduates

Study Bachelor's degree is a prerequisite for graduating master's program, which is a prerequisite for service in the whole spectrum of professional management in the business of physical education and sport in the senior department of Defence.

Useful sites === === „University of Defence in Brno“:…default.aspx (CS brochure of 2008 „here“: Study / Documents / brochure% 20o% 20studiu.pdf) 'Faculty of Physical Education at Charles University in Prague ":

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