The Special Branch: Protection of public health Added:27.9. 2009
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The Special Branch: Protection of public health

This time we will talk more about the field that combines biology, chemistry, medicine, epidemiology, and especially hygiene. Learn what must such „protectionist public health“ to know and what his job is and what school can for my future career to choose.

** ** The content of studies The aim of the study is to understand the methodology of national health surveillance and preventive health care. The study includes a variety of content in addition to the theoretical part (see below) also compulsory practical training not only in medical facilities. After three years of study, students will gain a standard bachelor's degree, two years to build can master the program and become a lecturer.

** Items ** In the study you will encounter quite a wide range of subjects, to biology, chemistry, microbiology, physiology and anatomy, the specialist subjects, such as sector-specific hygiene (eg food hygiene, community hygiene, hygiene of children), occupational therapy, immunology, toxicology and epidemiology. Students at some schools but they must also get the basics right, Latin, information systems, first aid, psychology, pedagogy and medical ethics.

** Entrance Exams ** The entrance exams to Ostrava to repeat the test in science high school biology, chemistry and physics (PV test). Required is a test of general study skills (test OSP). In the Czech Budejovice prepared for the written tests in human biology and general medical topics, including outlook. The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen will be sufficient to successfully complete a test of human biology, is also required medical certificate.

** Where can I study ** Full-time undergraduate and master's degree in related offers in the Public Health Faculty of Health Studies at the University of Ostrava in Ostrava. The Bachelor and Master study program can be studied under the Public Health only on-site Health and Social Faculty of University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice. Branch are also available in the menu University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Public Health Program) as a full-time undergraduate.

** Graduates ** After graduation, the graduate can apply as an assistant public health both in the public sector (ministries, regional health offices, medical facilities, counseling, health education of the population) and private (consulting organization, consultancy). Graduate should be able to work independently in the public health surveillance, which means carrying out activities and measures to prevent the spread of disease to prevent threats to health in connection with the work and supervising maintenance of healthy living and working conditions. This work also involves taking measurements, sampling, data collection and analysis and design of appropriate measures. An employee is involved in monitoring the health of the population and preparing programs to protect her health.

** The opinion of students ** Iva, South Bohemia ZSF: „Among the strengths of this study program will certainly include a large range of optional courses (eg, special education, art therapy or cynology) – the choice is really great and everyone will surely come to her. Another example is the undisputed graduation internship opportunity – for the PAB is a quarterly internship in Hungary – from personal experience I can highly recommend. Personally, I think that studying is not too difficult and we can therefore combine well with the work or brigades. “

** Tip: ** Faculty of Health Studies at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen offers prospective students the field of protection of public health training course on the admission of human biology.

** More ** 'Department of Epidemiology and public health FZS OU „: "Department of Public Health and Social Faculty, University of South Bohemia“:…/id_kat.html „Rescue Department and technical fields FZS UWB“:

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