Researchers' Night Added:23.9. 2009
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Researchers' Night

Researchers' Night, which offers public access to a world of knowledge, and this year will take place Friday, the 25th ** ** September ** by early evening hours until midnight ** on thirty different locations in the Czech Republic. The action is an attractive way to introduce the public and research scientists in the Czech Republic and throughout the European Union. The project takes place on the same day about 170 in other European cities.

Observatory will be open to the public, various research institutes will also be on show with an interactive physical and chemical experiments, experimental plays, exhibitions, lectures and Workshops.

It is estimated that the action in the CR reaches about 15,000 people, organizers told reporters today.

The exact list of observatories with the program is, a detailed program of action by all the participating cities to Entry to events is free, in many places is provided and refreshments.

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