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Which (field) is right for me? Added:25.9. 2009
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Which (field) is right for me?

How do I know this just bring me what I expect from him? I give advice to parents, or to make decisions according to their own desires? Listen to reason, heart or voice? It will bring me luck this connection? Does the future? I have to go out there, or better wait? Find the ideal field for himself does not really have to be light …

** What advice neighborhood ** Parents and the wider family circle, often claim the right to choose their descendants the focus of graduate education, according to which the offspring of older ideas bring the „fame and money.“ They do not realize yet that their children are inserted into often hope to realize their own unfulfilled dreams ** ** and they create the excessive pressure and most inefficient … At least, that you see on the question of „what to study,“ every day hitting hard. It seems as if everyone had some good ideas, but is not interested yet, where it stretches your own personality. Yet we do not recommend advice parenting and relatives just constantly dodge and resist. It is after all the people who know you very ** long ** and – whether you like it or not – also quite good. They had the opportunity to observe your development in the adult and during that time may have noticed gifts and talents, which themselves have no idea either. Try So their arguments over at least a moment to think. And what about your teachers, interest rates, classmates and friends? You might be surprised of how different angle you see.

** Special case: ** First of all fathers with a prestigious job you liking the fact that their offspring – especially if jedináčci, preferably inherited and highly regarded profession. While they may not even realize that their sons and daughters for years constructed office and shop actually worth. It is a very sensitive topic to be discussed carefully with parents. ** Take the trade ** parents may ultimately be a very pleasant duty, which will also ensure a safer future. But you definitely should not have to force anything.

** What does common sense ** Family and teachers may claim otherwise, but the topic you are dealing with their future school actually quite often. Your mind discusses the question of the field very thoroughly. One of the key points you might consider a future application **. ** There is no doubt that the lawyer will find work easier than starořečtinář, the science will be greater than the rush for graduates of gender studies and the state will need each year just finished study music fifty scientists. With that of course is related to salary prospects **. ** Humanities will be hard to compete with cardiac surgery, social workers can not be measured with expert management … It is true that no one can know exactly where to move the market demand for five years when the school will probably be based on a „hot spot“ will not be sebezajímavějším diploma nobody fails. Consider, then, well, if you want to spend money just because of continual youth dřením to law school, if you always wanted to know more closely examine the human psyche and society. Graduates but you can also select fields depending on what their college offers opportunities **. ** Some eventually choose tourism, because they are close to getting to know foreign landscapes, while others choose to bid by foreign languages, for others may be tempting offer experience in the field. It is very useful to find out if the school offers the opportunity to study and travel abroad with which companies and institutions working and what equipment can be in classrooms, gyms or laboratories to expect. Everything you try to verify for example during open days – just rely on your own opinion! ** Tip: ** Please read carefully, what forms of study and the possibility of a combination of college offers. In the two-subject study can be offered connections and applying more interesting, though probably more difficult. If dvouoborového program can often take advantage of one of the fields cancel should they choose during the study.

** What is intuition ** The view around you know, you consider all the pros and cons – and yet you still something gnawing inside. Maybe it's your childhood dreams ** ** that the choice of study orientation and potentially job, waking up again. Probably you already know that the astronaut or the garbage man will not, but why throw straight behind the desire to teach? You do not give the application because only the teaching faculty, consider the study of languages ​​and the subsequent possibility of becoming a teacher or teach the basics of programming in companies and institutions. Sami also best to know „where your heart pulls“, in other words, what are your natural inclinations **. ** It can be a warm relationship with animals that will be motivation for learning the entrance exam for the veterinary school, the love of music and facilitate the preparation of the silver screen in the arts. Some of us have a strong inner need to help others – why nepřihlásit the disciplines focusing on social and charitable work? Enthusiasm for sports activities can now take advantage of the great disciplines that prepare you for a coaching career or make you head of fitness. Each of us has any hobbies and now is the time to analyze and properly combine the famous with pleasure!

** Who else handle ** You do not know what to imagine under names such as „Combined Art Studies“ or „Radiological Assistant“? The first option is to look around our website ** ** and make clear what the individual fields of study entails, how challenging are the entrance exams and applying what you expect as a graduate. Secondly, you can begin to wade through various Internet ** ** debates and forums, where their positive and negative experiences shared by current and former students. It was from them you can get good advice on what to decide. Seek also the websites of individual schools – self-representation often tells a lot. Third, you can give advice on the pros **. ** Every secondary school should have its own study advisor, who will use sophisticated questions and tests can focus on the ideal field. There are also special books and sets of questionnaires, which may suggest a proper study orientation.

Our tips ** **

  • Administer a minimum of three applications!
  • Feel free to submit an application to a variety of disciplines!
  • The choice of subjects to underestimate!
  • Feel free to choose and those fields that are different from the focus of your high school!
  • Find out as much of the field that you interested, and whose names do not understand completely!
  • Ask the basic questions:

What subjects in high school I was the most fun? What are my favorite extracurricular activity? What I have talent? What type of work I would be filled? What the study at the college expect? What I recommend people who know me best?

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