The Special Branch: Audiovisual Studies Added:29.9. 2009
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The Special Branch: Audiovisual Studies

Audiovisual study are the youngest branch of Film and Television Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts. This field is only one of its kind in the Czech Republic.

===== Course characteristics

Audiovisual Studies, as the name suggests, are moving to border more disciplines. They are also the result of the advent of digital technology into the world of various forms of image capture technology. In a way, also combining the technological aspect to the plane of artistic expression and theoretical research. They work primarily with new media, connecting with various types of media using a work computer. They deal with their own creation as well as its reflection. They take items and other topics from the field at FAMU, carry on the tradition of cinema and television, and incorporate both into their own direction field.

===== Course Structure

Bachelor degree study is classically divided into three classes. In the first year is for students ready batch of theoretical lectures and seminars. In addition, attend a creative workshop subject. year. She led the teachers in the form of a seminar focused IU. the preparation of practical work klausurních files. These students presented at the end of the summer semester and advocates before the commission, which he is allowed to proceed to the next grade. In the second and third year Bachelor students waiting for a workshop. There you can choose your own tutor (of course in agreement with the selected person), which always results in some type of workshop and working with students outside regular teaching. In this workshop students prepare to perform their work and klausurní in the third year they also serve to create work bachelor. The inter-line Audio-visual studies were made of so-called. Consultation workshop. In them, students meet with teachers from other departments and get them space to discuss their suggestions and ideas. During the waiting students and teaching module. It consists of a day usually Friday or Saturday study day. Thus, students can meet with foreign guests busy and time faculty, for that would be difficult to provide training throughout the year. Students also receive practical training in the study at FAMU. Participates in particular the creation of films in school teams composed of students across disciplines. The study marks the initial and final concentration.

===== Final examinations

Students attending undergraduate terminating field trials of Audio-visual composition of the three parts of the exam. It is a defense of a bachelor's creative project, the defense bachelor theoretical work and oral examination of the history and theory of audio-visual and foreign language. Examples of topics for Bachelor of Science paper presents the theoretical case studies (eg, historical influence of the school subjects taught in the stereotypes of artistic practice, production of official relationship vysokorozpočtových movies to the political ideology of the time) or analysis of the status uměleckosti (context and form of presentation of audiovisual works in the public space) .

===== Graduate profile

After obtaining a bachelor's degree students are fully ready to go to a master's degree. They are ready for creative, theoretical and practical type of work in the audiovisual field, have an overview of the history and theory of audio-visual forms, and even international context. They may work as co-artistic projects, lecturers, performing minor work in dramaturgy and program teams. Detailed information about the field and output of students search for knowledge „here“:…_Mg_2006.pdf.

===== Admission

Entrance exams are primarily on verification talent candidates. Furthermore, it is also required knowledge of the English language at the level of comprehension and spoken word. First, candidates must pass parts of the home, where they make home made their own work. These are:

  • Analysis of the audiovisual work or an essay on the general theme of the issue of audiovisual
  • Two artifacts, each created in another medium (eg, text, film, video art, computer graphics)
  • Cover letter
  • A list of 15 audiovisual and literary works which the applicant considers to be significant in terms of its current development
  • List of publications related to the field that the candidate read.

Prospective study also forward their CV and a photo. These applications work and shall be handed to 30 faculty November. Based on housework selected candidates proceed to the second round. It consists of a test of English language, written reflection artwork presented on the site and an oral interview. More detailed information on entrance exams can be found Candidates may also be used for faculty consultation days, the first is always the second Friday in June, can still visit in October and the first Friday in October 10 to 18 hours.

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