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Terror forger of all the waves of the Internet Added:4.10. 2009
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Terror forger of all the waves of the Internet

Probably few college today would probably have imagined their studies without the Internet. But just as the Internet can act as a powerful weapon on the part of all teachers who assess student work. On the Web there is already some nifty devices that can detect whether a student accidentally while writing his work more than neopisoval formed …


Perhaps the most famous and also partly public search application allowing text theses is the web **. ** It is a system under the auspices of a project titled „National Register of university theses and system for detecting plagiarism“ has set up three years ago, Masaryk University in Brno (MU). It serves not only her but also to all involved colleges and universities in the CR and abroad, which are currently about two dozen. The main mission of the application is of course nothing more than trying to avoid the college student plagiarized texts. The system allows not only retrieval of data about the final work, but often (depending on the decision of the school) and their full texts. The data from June this year shows that the site has kept about 73,000 theses plus another 1.3 million documents, with which it can then compare their contents. In May this year he won the Inforum 2009 „for significant achievement in the field of electronic resources.“ read more about „here“:…em/index.php?….

Web site: „“: „“:


At the end of June, computer programmers set up a team from the Development Information System MU still a very important site – **. ** Thanks to college can now find copies of the works of the seminar, papers, essays, tasks, projects, laboratory exercises, protocols, reports, stylistic exercises, etc. At the same time, the system is compatible with the above Was launched under the project „Detection of plagiarism in the seminar work 'and its test version is currently involved ten Czech colleges and universities. Web can be used authenticated or unauthenticated, each with slightly different rights and possibilities. The so-called. "Vaults“ you can set up to be teachers who would like to verify the authenticity of student work, but your account, you can establish that even those students who do not want to circumscribe their work, or to see if this has already happened.

Web site: „“:

=== Other helpers

To search for plagiarism but for purposes such as Web „www.copyscape­.com“: or „Plagiarism Project from the Web“:…iaty_z_webu/ that allow to find a copy of your text placed on the Internet. Believe me, thanks to them, teachers can easily verify who is undeclared co-author of „your“ job …

The best protection against plagiarism? Quote!

If you decide to draw in his text from another student or professional work, books, websites or newspapers, do not be afraid to disclose his source. Avoid accusations so that all the wisdom contained in your work does not come out of your head.

Why === quote

Quoting primarily form the basis of ethics and compliance with copyright primarily copyright law (see z. „121/2000 Coll., Especially § 31“:…l/_s.155/701?kam End = & c = 121/2000). In addition, however, serves for better orientation of readers in your text, which will help distinguish your ideas from strangers. With the introduction of literature in addition are offering readers the opportunity to expand knowledge about the topic and processed in addition it also shows that you put the work of drafting the text and just know where to find information about your chosen topic.

How to quote?

If we can say that everything has its own rules, then the citation and sourcing it is doubly true. Citation law governs the standard ISO 690, ISO 690–2 and some other related standards. A detailed and very clear overview of citation rules, including among other things, provides examples page „“: or the Web „Project Bibliographic references“: /, where you can even get your quote automatically generated. Useful in this regard is undoubtedly „Inforgram – portal to support information literacy“:……. Citation standards but you will find on any website of any college or university.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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