Film Competition against bullying Added:2.10. 2009
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Film Competition against bullying

Amateur filmmakers can try their skills in a competition announced by the film festival Mezipatra. Its subject is turning a short film (footage should be a maximum of 3 minutes ** **) processing the issue of discrimination of sexual minorities.

Competitions can participate, anyone who ** to 15 10th 2009 ** send up to three-minute film to address STUD Brno Šmejkalova 75, 616 00 Brno.

Submitted images sees a judge and a three-member committee that selects winners of the competition, who receives remuneration ** ** 300 Euro (approx. 7500, – CZK). Selected images will be screened on 10th anniversary Festival Mezzanines (23 10 to 8 11) and will be placed on the designated web page.

The competition takes place within the project „Diversity against bullying“, which implements the Counselling Centre for Civil and Human Rights in collaboration with the Gender Studies and shame Brno.

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