The Special Field: Landscape Architecture Added:10.10. 2009
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The Special Field: Landscape Architecture

„I'm just something I will plant it and grow it to me,“ he said Uncle Pompo in Arabela. It take care of the garden is not as easy as it seems. For people who want to understand the landscape and plants, there are disciplines such as botany, horticulture and garden engineering. In today's article we will focus on landscaping. >

** ** The content of studies The content of lectures and seminars are primarily field of basic theoretical information and profile of selected disciplines in biology, art, techniques and technologies that can then be applied in subsequent practice in the area of ​​landscape design and gardens and greenery. The study also assumes a lot of work outside school, especially the development projects in studios.

** Items ** During studies students learn about disciplines such as soil science, geology, botany, systematic botany, phytosociology, ecology, climatology, teaching about the landscape, geodesy. The art objects are the basic spatial composition, artistic creation and studios (they learn to work here with the space, able to draw and portray it on paper, design), then the theory of art history and history of landscape architecture. Students also choose elective courses, whose names may sound funny to laymen (such as „peat, its importance and protection of resources“). Studies are essential, and several trips and various computer programs for processing projects, which students must learn to work.

** Teaching ** The first and second year of study is taught in Brno, as part of the schedule are also objects from the Faculty of Forestry Mendel University. Other classes are held in Lednice in Moravia, where you have a wonderful Lednice-Valtice area with a botanical garden, comprising 654 species taxa, 240 taxa of tropical and subtropical plants, 400 taxa in production greenhouses and 400 taxa of cacti.

** Graduates ** According to official sources, the school prepares for work in the lower garden and landscape management work – for example in the implementation and maintenance of vegetation elements. Says student of Magdalene Beníčková, greenery is a necessary part of town, so the scope is wide. „A graduate can apply to construction or reconstruction of various city districts such as parks, plazas, swimming pools and other public spaces, as well as the realization of private gardens and restoration of historic gardens,“ says Magdalena. „Branch is called a garden and landscape architecture, so the field is not just about gardens, but also deals with the landscape. It can be a revitalization of the various landscapes destroyed by human activities and various new solutions,“ he adds.

** Entrance Exam ** Admission is two rounds. In the first round of candidates consist aptitude test and test bilogie, in the second round is awaiting interview. The exact requirements for entrance examinations are „here.“: Http://www.zf­­jimaci_rizeni/ba­kalarske_studij­ni_programy/zah­radni_a_krajin­na_architektu­ra

** ** The view of the student „At school I was basically happy. This my satisfaction occasionally zčeří some difficulty, but there are really interesting people, between teachers and students. After meeting with such people have a slightly different view of the world.“ (Paul Mudráková, second-year student)

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