UPOL launches educational program Upsolvent Added:6.10. 2009
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UPOL launches educational program Upsolvent

The financial support of the European Social Fund and Budget of the Czech Republic implemented a Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies, University of Palacky in Olomouc, a project to support graduates in the labor market. The main axis of the project consists of lectures by specialists from practice focused mainly on economic and legal aspects of the audiovisual and theater as well as the use of information technology in the field.

The project team also deals with a database of vacancies and experience in cultural institutions. Aim should be to facilitate the integration of students into the workforce. Students will also be able to use the services of so-called mentor center zprostředková­vajícího advice on careers.

The project period is set at three years (2009–2011) and his „website“: http://www.upsolvent.cz/…abidka-praxe is already possible to find one of the first lists the closest competitions positions suitable for students.

Source: „icm.cz“: http://www.icm.cz/…kt-upsolvent, „web Upsolvent“: http://www.upsolvent.cz/projekt .

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