The Bata University have a new faculty Added:4.10. 2009
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The Bata University have a new faculty

The sixth School opened on the 30th September Tomas Bata University in Zlín. She is Faculty of logistics and crisis management and is headquartered in Uherske Hradiste. Those who dostudují disciplines offered by the faculty will be qualified to deal with unexpected types of natural disasters but not only them.

Faculty offers two undergraduate degree programs. Within the economics and management can be to study the logistics and program management and the process engineering industry is hiding control risks. In the master study program is open to the Chemistry and Materials Technology umbrella field control technology risks.

The new faculty about 1200 students studying accounting for 33 teachers of academics. Faculty will be in the field of its activities together with the Zlín Region and is also involved in the international project, a simulated flight to Mars.

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