COMPARISON OF COURSES: I. Regional Development Added:6.10. 2009
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: I. Regional Development

Visibility of the county, area, district or village, more attractive to investors, improvement of social conditions, promote the cultural uniqueness, devising and implementing support projects – all involving its regional development. Where to acquire the knowledge base and experience will tell you this overview.

Faculty of Management and Economics, Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Field Name **: ** Public Administration and Regional Development ** Type of study: Bachelor ** full and part-time, full-time master's and combined ** Characteristics of the study: ** Bachelor's future will meet the basic theoretical economic subjects as well as other practical skills deepening of regional science and public administration. You will not miss them either: the structure and European Union law. The master's degree studies that will prepare them to perform demanding tasks in state and local government which relate to issues of regional development. The curriculum of study will include among other things, technical and methodological articles. ** Study Plans: **

** Graduate Profile: ** Bachelor's degree graduates may apply to all levels of management of public administration in the sphere of municipal and regional development and also in counseling. Masters have sufficient knowledge and skills for positions in local bodies of state administration, local and regional government institutions, even public and private character. They focus on issues of structural funds projects and other domestic and European funds, which can be used for regional development. Their application is also extended to the advisory and consulting services to companies and nonprofit organizations. ** Applicants / recruited in 2009: ** Bachelor's degree in the reported 547 students in full-time study and 179 in the combined form has been received and 181 full-time and 108 students combined. Success in entrance examinations to the master's degree is approximately 65%. ** Entrance Exams **

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Faculty of National University of Economics in Prague

Field Name **: ** Public Administration and Regional Development, Regional Studies ** Type of study: full-time ** undergraduate, master's attendance ** Characteristics of the study: ** Bachelor's im­plemented in the field of Public Administration and Regional Development. Local teachers prepare their students primarily for professional analysis and solution of specific problems of regional development. To do this, they should serve the knowledge gained from articles devoted to the fundamentals of public administration, constitutional law, socio-economic geography, urban planning, regional economics and policy and other related disciplines. Exercises are also included coaching creativity and flexibility in solving specific problems of regional development. Among Trained capability is also included work on development projects or research and analysis and interpretation of data collected. The study is to continue the master's field Regional Studies. The study combines the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a range of issues of Regional Studies, Policy and the related decisions of public administration. In both sets of studies is the emphasis on knowledge of the English language, some items are even taught in English only. ** Graduate Profile: ** Fresh bachelors should find opportunities in the sector of public administration in the state but also private companies, where their advantage should be knowledge of spatial relationships and processes. Do not get lost even in the field of international organizations, especially where there is a direct part of the European Union. Holders of master's degree may apply for high positions in decision-making rights in the bodies of municipalities and counties and public administration in general. Find a place in private and professional consulting organizations. On the international field, they open up prospects in institutions like the European Commission, OECD, UN. The list of possible closing job counseling and financial investment companies. ** Entrance Exams **

  • Bachelor – General study assumptions (OSP) Scio
  • Master Program – a test in economics and vocational subjects in English

Topics in Economics can be found ‚here‘:…Ekonomie.pdf Branch circuits and the test can be found „here“:…ky/Okruhy_RS . pdf. The success rate for admission to the Faculty of National Economy, according to data released by Scio on average 23%.

Source: „Web faculties“:…, „Web University“:…nf_09_10.php

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Economics and Management Science, Masaryk University in Brno

Field Name **: ** Regional Development and Administration ** Type of study: Bachelor ** full and part-time, full-time Master's, Master's full-and part-time ** Characteristics of the study: ** Students in this field in all levels of studies prepared for use economic decision-making skills at the level of regions, towns and villages. An essential part of the study is to gain knowledge in the field of public administration. The Faculty is seeking to link the study with other disciplines and to prepare your students need to communicate with people of other professions in their future practice. Emphasis is also placed on the methodological sphere of education and project solutions. ** Study Plans: ** „On the pages of the faculty“:…jni-katalog/ can also consult the catalog of the so-called study, where among other things, a field of study curricula, including mandatory and optional subjects. ** Graduate Profile: ** Students apply in the public administration and the private sector where it is necessary to take into account regional aspects. ** Applicants / adopted last year: **

  • Full-time undergraduate study – 497 / 106
  • Bachelor's degree part-time – 465 / 244
  • Master studies – 109/36
  • Master's atten­dance – 64/41
  • Combined master's – 65/46

** Entrance Exams **

  • Bachelor's and Master's studies – Study Test assumptions (TSP) MU
  • Master Program – a written test in economics and shaped the course

Source: „Web faculties“:…oj-a-sprava/

Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno

** Field name and form of study: full-time ** undergraduate study Geoinformatics and regional development related master's degree in Regional Geography and Regional Development ** Characteristics of the study: ** Bachelor Study Geoinformatics and regional development seeks to link the two professions with respect to the growing demands of the information society and regional development issues. The study focuses on geographic information systems and their operation and also on issues of regional development and their relationship with the European Union. Postgraduate study of regional geography and regional development should provide students with a broad geographic base usable for a deeper understanding of phenomena in the scale of regional economic and social development. Students are also encouraged to separate team working on the analysis and selection of appropriate guidelines for regional development. ** Items ** Recommended study plan for both faculty offers courses for download on their „website“:…katalogZ.pdf. ** Graduate Profile: ** Bachelor's gra­duates will apply in the field of public administration bodies and institutions, regional development, the use of spatial technology in the processing of spatial data, or may continue in the master study. After a Master's Regional Geography and Regional Development is expected to apply in the public administration, and project and consultancy organizations, agencies and research institutes and regional development in the structure of the European Union. ** Applicants / adopted last year: **

  • Geoinformatics and Regional Development – 42 / 8
  • Regional Geography and Regional Development – 30/13

** Admission **

  • Geoinformatics and Regional Development – TSP problem of geography
  • Regional Geography and Regional Development – a written test in geography and cartography, technical discussions with the panel

Source: Institute of Geography web MU ":,"; MU Web ":

Faculty of Economics, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava

Field Name **: ** Regional Development ** Type of study: full-time ** undergraduate, master's attendance ** Characteristics of the study: ** Bachelor's study focused on the regional and local issues in the Czech Republic and throughout the European Union in areas of economics, environment, geography, sociology, law and administrative matters. The practical skills the students learn to analyze geographical information, and their use in decision making and implementation activities. In the master studies students skills and knowledge further developed. Faculty in the degree of emphasis on preparing students to create partnerships in the economic relations of the Republic and abroad. ** Graduate Profile: ** Students with a Bachelor degree may be employed in routine, support and managerial positions in the public sector as well as commercial organizations that deal with regionally focused projects. Magisterští graduates can stand up for specialized features in the area, such as the positions of coordinators, consultants and authors of projects, may also participate in the activities of scientific research institutions. ** Admission **

  • Bachelor – General study assumptions (OSP) Scio
  • Master's study – a written test in economics, mathematics and statistics from their own field and a foreign language

All information on admission procedures, see the „here“:…aciho-rizeni. According to data of Scio, the average success rate of 52% of the Faculty of Economics.

Source: „Web faculties“:

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