Anniversary of Masaryk University in CT2 Added:10.10. 2009
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Anniversary of Masaryk University in CT2

To celebrate the anniversary of the second oldest university of the Czech Republic joins the Czech Television. In its second program indicate 11th ** ** October as part of the thematic evenings ** EVENING ON THE TOPIC … My region, my University – Masaryk University 90 years **.

Part of the band will be archived and newly created documents directed by current students, which offer views of graduates studying abroad as a student who has the opportunity to compare teaching with other universities.

The entire program is repeated on Thursday 15 October.

Detailed information about the „here“:…m/search.php?… C8ER% + NA + T + … C9MA% M% F9j + County% 2C + my + university + – +90 + years + + of the Masaryk University.

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