Brno schools send more students to the world Added:8.10. 2009
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Brno schools send more students to the world

Brno universities keep sending more students abroad for internships. Over the past ten years, just at the Masaryk University and Technical University has increased the number ten, she found ČTK of annual school report.

Moreover, universities are trying to encourage other students to leave. Masaryk University Masaryk more organized event in the world, which aims to better inform students about their options.

The prestige of the schools try to increase the contrast by the Brno attract students from other countries. The Masaryk University last year was an exchange student 433 foreigners from 17 a decade ago. In Brno there last technique came 319th

According to the university teachers are scholarships abroad, important for the development of young people. „The goal is to prepare students – future alumni – at the European environment in a globalized way of scientific research, and mobilize their best possible orientation in the international environment,“ stated in last year's annual report, Brno technique.

For more information and further konkétní numbers see „“:…nskych-vs-za -ten-years-ten times „More information about the event Masaryk to the world“:…alendar/3459

Sources:… Annual Report JCMM (South Centre for International Mobility) in 2008…/vyr_zprava% 202008_web.pdf

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