Mensa announces logical Olympics Added:6.10. 2009
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Mensa announces logical Olympics

Mensa announces its second annual competition, where the decision itself rather than intellect and knowledge. Thanks to the interest of the past, the first year, the Mensa decided to open it for the whole Czech Republic.

Competition develops creative thinking of children and the emphasis is just on logic. Kids can compete in two categories – students first primary school (1st to 5th class elementary school) and students ** 1 – 4 years of secondary school **.

Even now they can register to children and schools from the whole country.

** ** The nomination round competition will be held ** 6 – 10 ** October 2009 on-line. Following are the regional round, which will be at the best researchers from each of the preliminary round of the region. Finally, the best investigators from the regions will compete in the national final, which will begin on 30 November 2009 at the Chamber of Deputies. Here the children will not wait for valuable prizes, but also a day full of exciting challenges and surprises.

Like last year, under the auspices of the League member of Mensa member Peter CR Tluchor.

For more information on „www.logickao­“:

Source: „“:…da/uvod.html „Official website of the competition“: „Domaci.ihned­.cz“:…si-deti-v-cr

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