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CEEPUS - to travel comfortably for a study! Added:16.10. 2009
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CEEPUS - to travel comfortably for a study!

The most popular program, foreign students eager to experience is undoubtedly the famous Erasmus, but also has its limitations: for example, it is not possible to pass several times for study and grants are not sky-high. One of the alternatives can then be CEEPUS program …

** What is ** CEEPUS name is an abbreviation of the English signs ** Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies ** (university exchange program for Central Europe). The program aims to give students more knowledge of Central European region and contribute to European integration.

** What this means in practice ** As indicated by the full name of the program is allowed to travel within the universities of Central European countries. Specifically, the program signed an agreement on the following countries: ** Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia ** (now also co-Pristina Kosovo). If the conditions of the contract the student receives a scholarship ** ** corresponding estimated cost to study in the country (see country breakdown on the link below). Home university students made up the so-called extra travel **. ** The official language of the program is English **. ** The advantage is that they stay within the CEEPUS as opposed to Erasmus ** ** may be repeated at the specific request for evidence of referral documents from the host university.

** ** Terms exit The first prerequisite is that your school / faculty / department should contract ** ** with any of the partner universities of the country, and for the period was the listed vacancies **. ** Otherwise, you can apply for individual travel as a "freemover **. ** The program is designed for students of undergraduate study completed by ** ** the second semester, graduate students and teachers colleges. It is a condition that the applicant was a student full-time study ** ** (or full-time teacher), is not age restricted. The target country must normally spend at least three months ** and ** ** month ** a maximum of ten stays shorter or longer must be duly justified in the application).

** ** How to proceed First, contact your representative or foreign universities can be – as has been said – and register individually, but prefer to always have students traveling within the so-called network (sites listed directly to your university). If you have been confirmed by the opportunity to travel, you can continue filling out the application **. ** The pattern can be found on the „this address“:, an application can be completed and online. To travel in the autumn semester, you must complete an application to catch the 15th ** ** June, when the spring semester must log in to the 31st ** October **. Freemover may fall semester rarely go to summer filing into the 30th ** November **.

** Any limits ** The logic of things that can not apply for a scholarship in the country in which you have citizenship. The scholarship can be awarded for research (with the exception of master's and doctoral theses), but it can be applied to practical training.

** Experience firsthand ** Peter, FF MU Brno: CEEPUS is an organization with which I spent one semester in the capital of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna. Time spent on studies and discovering the country together with its inhabitants not only allowed me, but also throughout the organization facilitating the activities just mentioned, and its helpful staff. Foreign study program is set up so that a given student died very young, the least concern with existential issues, and so was able to give true reasons for their stay. "

** Source ** All relevant information and a detailed description of the procedure, visit the „House of International Services Ministry“:….

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