EXPOLINGUA Prague Added:30.10. 2009
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The oldest international exhibition of languages, education and culture in Prague, Czech Republic EXPOLINGUA will take place ** 6 – 7 ** November in the National House of Vinohrady. The complex will be open daily ** 10.00 to 18.00 hours **. Participants will learn a lot of important information about studying and working abroad, language courses, international exchange programs and foreign language textbooks, literature and new trends in language education. The exhibition includes an accompanying program of lectures, workshops, mini courses and language. ** The main Portuguese **.

Based on the influx of new visitors, exhibitors and countries represented at last year's organizers expect this year a great interest in the program with more than one hundred exhibitors from twenty countries.

EXPOLINGUA Prague for the first time held under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague Pavel Bem.

For more „here“: http://www.expolingua.cz.

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