COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Textile Production Added:16.10. 2009
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It's ancient, true that clothes make the man. Previously, but someone has to make those clothes in a way that best match the customer's re­quirements. That it is not easy work, evidenced by the large number of different disciplines involved in textile production. You can convince yourself that a similar study design in addition requires a knowledge of chemistry and management.

Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Textile

Course characteristics === === Faculty of Textile Engineering offers a wide range of industries, both in Czech and English. The programs Textiles (Textiles) Textile and Engineering (Textile Engineering) found three undergraduate courses (Textile Materials and Testing, Textile materials and technology, nonwovens, textile technology, mechanical, chemical processing technology, chemical engineering, textile, textile marketing, Textile and clothing design, clothing technology and production management, technical textiles), five-year Master (Textile Technology, Clothing Technology, Nonwovens, Chemical Textile Technology, Textile Materials Engineering) and two Master's (Textile Technology, Textile Materials Engineering, Nonwovens, Textile Chemical Technology , Textile and Clothing Technology, Garment Technology), mainly full-time and combined study.

Requirements for admission test

In Liberec, you can expect two or aptitude test, which includes performances of housework and the second round, the candidate develop tasks assigned by the jury. Some subjects take account of the average marks from high school and to take only enough to successfully passing a written test. An electronic application form, click „here“:…y/index.html.

Chance of adoption: Faculty of Textile 78% (for 2007/2008)

** For more information: ** The web of the faculty ":

College of Applied Arts in Prague: Textile Production

Course characteristics === === Textile Field work is carried out at the Department of Art as a six-time Masters degree.

Requirements for admission test

Admission to the talent test to verify the applicant's con­ditions for creativity and artistic talent. Management has two wheels and runs all week. In the first round of candidates submitting their homework (15–20 pieces) and half-day pass visual tests. Candidates who have successfully completed the first round advance to the second round, where it awaits the test of history, art and general outlook. At the same time to perform tasks assigned studio art commissions. Applications must be submitted by 30 November!

Chance of adoption: 8% (for 2007/2008)

** More information ** Studio of textile development ":…ilni-tvorby/

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University of Hradec Kralove, Faculty: Artistic textile disciplines, Textile Production

Course characteristics === === Textile arts disciplines can be studied as a Hradec Kralove-year full-time undergraduate study in the framework of Specialization in Pedagogy. You can also decide for a three-year full-time undergraduate degree in textile production.

Requirements for admission test

For admission to a degree in textile production, applicants must successfully complete aptitude test (performing assigned tasks), provide about 20 samples of household chores, attend an oral interview and pass a test in history of art and textiles. Candidates in the field of textile Artistic disciplines may also be expected aptitude test and must submit homework, participate in an oral interview, pass a written test. Details of the examination and review of required equipment, see the „here“:

Chances of acceptance: 33% (for 2007/2008)

** For more information: ** The web of the faculty ":

University of Pardubice, Faculty of Chemical Technology: Fibres and Textile Chemistry

Course characteristics === === The University offers a two-year follow-up master's degree in chemistry and textile fibers in the framework of Chemistry and Materials Technology, only full-time study.

Requirements for admission test

To receive a two-year master's program, applicants must demonstrate adequate knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry.

The chances of admission: 64.6% (for 2007/2008)

** For more information: ** The web of the faculty ":

** Attention ** The school with the artistic focus is often necessary to make applications during November. Entrance exams are usually held in February!

** Source of chances for adoption: ** „Tutor“:…skoly-seznam

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