The central EU institutions in Brussels Added:20.10. 2009
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The central EU institutions in Brussels

Company EUTIS ops, organized in cooperation with EURO SERVICE UK, ks ** educational trip to Brussels **. The path is primarily college students, focusing on political science, European studies and international relations. The goal is to experience the functioning of key institutions of the European Union and meet people with similar interests.

The educational tour will be held from 28 ** February and 4 March 2010 **. Look forward to the EU Council building inspection and discussions with Council representatives, professional discussion with the European Commission or meetings in one of the Czech MEPs in the European Parliament. In addition, visiting a number of other institutions, NATO headquarters complex, but also the historic city center.

Price pathways is CZK 5350. Additional information and news, has flown to visit stránkých Society EUTIS ":

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