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With my students "in the same boat," says Petr Hlavacek Added:24.10. 2009
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With my students "in the same boat," says Petr Hlavacek

A few years ago was sitting – now Ing. – Petr Hlavacek aulách in the Faculty of Social and Economic Studies of JEPurkyně and just listened to the interpretation of those articles, some of which he is currently teaching himself. How do since he left many students and became their teacher, changed the way of teaching, not what all the preparation for teaching entails and how it changed the composition according to students who report to the faculty?

** Ing. ** Petr Hlavacek has been operating for nine years as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Social Economics „University, Jan Usti nad Labem“:…em/index.php?…, specifically the Department of regional and local development. Among the subjects that are taught, inter alia, regional economics, public administration and local government, strategic planning, regional development and urban transformation of public administration and more. In 1997 graduated from the same university, majoring in economics and management, specializing in public sector. Since 2003 PhD student at Cycle Science, Charles University in Prague, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development. The author of numerous articles and co-investigator on several grants to the socio-economic development of regions, cities and municipalities in the Czech Republic in the context of regional economics, social geography, public administration and regional policy.

** You have graduated from the faculty itself, which today also to teach. What is it like for you to become „the other side“? **

It's been a long time since I started teaching, but I remember that I was initially quite nervous. It may be likened to premiere new plays, in which the needle is actually all the same performance games at maximum. Environment for our faculty known since its inception, so for me to move to the imaginary other hand, was not so difficult.

** As you are trying to take your students? **

Current trends in education are associated with the use of multimedia resources, and therefore I use to cheer instruction. The lectures and exercises no chemical or other visually attractive in our field trials in progress, so attracting students is primarily a question of competence of teachers.

** You are trying to teach treated differently than how it approached the teachers who taught the same subjects you? Or are you on the other hand had something to inspire? **

Enormous progress since my studies done computer technology and multimedia resources to facilitate teaching. Today, students have available the content of my lectures in e-learning, not all descriptions and thus reduce its concentration on his own lecture.

** What all involves the preparation of teachers to teach itself? **

Regional sciences is very dynamic field, therefore it is necessary to follow developments in science and research, including social and economic statistics that are published in both domestic and foreign journals, literature and statistical sources. New knowledge is continuously added into the lectures and exercises, it is impossible to work with data that is already obsolete. For students, attendance at lectures is optional, while the seminars is required. So vystudováním my master's degree education certainly not over and I together with his students „in the same boat.“

** Is there anything you, in contrast, restricts the teaching of students, what would you like to change? **

With the growth of faculty and students recently on the problems with the lack of teaching space for teaching and training. Our University is building a new campus, so I hope that the capacity problems resolved soon.

** Teach particular subjects relating to regional development, economics and public administration sectors therefore very timely and significant. They enjoy it so do you and your students? **

Today, when students can choose from a wide range of study programs at colleges and universities at home and abroad than in my student years, I believe that students choosing our interest in the study field study gave enough light. Alternatively, consider when looking for prospective employment.

** As you will know that students do not have or vice versa for the content of studies interested? **

Each student is different, the study assumptions are individual, like the interest in the contents of study. Real personal interest in students' study in the field, according to my experience the best knows in communication with the student when it's science undergraduate and graduate work. Then it's time to discuss issues more and better learn how to think about problems and what has an interest in the field.

** The faculty are acting for several years. How do you access or change the overall composition of your students? **

Number of students in recent years, increasing thereby increasing the diversity of students. Corporate efforts to significantly increase the proportion of university graduates in society leads inevitably to the fact that college students are studying today and who ten years ago would have gone through the admission process. On the other hand, a very positive development I consider that an increasing proportion of foreign students who are involved in teaching our students. Our university environment and more open to the world, which is certainly beneficial for Czech students and teachers.

** If you could go back through the timeline and choose again: you learn today? **

I think so, an interesting job that I enjoy for years.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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