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Postgraduate study abroad - both for him? Added:21.10. 2009
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Postgraduate study abroad - both for him?

If you choose a master's degree, or you decide to add vocational education, look to offer foreign schools – it may surprise you pleasantly. The following article contains a summary of knowledge that I gained when deciding to study abroad.

The entire process can take several months and most applications are sent at the beginning of the year, so it's a good time to start thinking about it.

** The most important decision-making: Why? ** Most important is to answer the question: Why would I / do? To do this, you traveled out of curiosity, is enough exchanges such as Erasmus or long-term language course. In preparation for a full master's degree you invest a lot of time and consequently money, so it wants to have a very good reason. It may be that domestic institutions do not offer your desired specialty, or want to go through education at the prestigious school or considering a subsequent work abroad, or you just liked that you can study at master's degree in a year.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3110/fo­tore.jpg * *] Photo: University of Manchester (Adam Hazdra)

** Before deciding thorough comparison ** Well, you have decided to leave, what next? Select the field you want to study and find all the schools that provide it and you might find interesting. For starters, you might need help „the search engine.“: Http://www.fin­­arch/search.asp Consult with all sectors of their content, admission requirements, school reputation, location and friendliness of the city and of course the cost of living and tuition fees (for example, in Denmark, tuition fees do not apply in England is again a high standard tuition). Choose criteria that are most important to you and compare schools.

** Without the entrance, but … ** If you have spotted just a program that is tailored to you, and decided that they want to participate in it, will follow the filing. At least in my experience it is done through the Internet or over the Internet, you can request a printed copy of the application. For the successful completion you will need:

  1. results from previous studies in the required foreign language
  2. the actual diploma (some notes, that in some fields is sufficient to place an official university degree relevant experience),
  3. a letter of motivation,
  4. reference letters (I have met the requirement of two academics who know you) and probably also
  5. the results of exams.

Counts as professional practice, employment, leisure activities – everything reveals that the subject interested, definitely do not forget to mention.

I met with the fact that the school require an entrance examination, as is usual in the country. Beware, however, on language tests that schools routinely require. Watch out because the test run – from registration and notification of the results – it may take several months. I met with language tests TOEFL, IELTS, Dutch university wanted and GMAT, the test for studying management at Masters level.

** Notification of acceptance ** This is a very nice moment, which means that a school that likes you and wants you to study it. Recruitment process but it does not stop there. You need the school to confirm that your interest persists (or takes). You can also postpone the onset of the year, it may come in handy when you crossing the path of an unexpected event.

With the acknowledgment of receipt is also easier to apply for financial support of foundations and sponsoring institutions. In Bohemia there is indeed such as saffron, but try the „Foundation of Josef Hlavka“:, „The Foundation Vision 97“:…y-vyberoveho- rizeni.php, „Fulbright Foundation“: (U.S. only), „Ministry of Education“:…jni-pobyty-v- Foreign-to-base-international-contracts (only selected countries). Determine the possibility of obtaining fees from the universities themselves, or possibly other national institutions.

** Prior to departure ** In addition to tickets before departure also think the preventive visit your doctors, adequate verification of the documents (passport, visa), arranging power of attorney to act in your absence, getting „card recipient“: / portal/_s.155/708/­.cmd/ad/.c/307/­.ce/14601/.p/12301/_s­.155/708? POSTUP_ID = 528 & PRVEK_ID = 419 & index = 0 & limit = 10 & o = & = elements of the post office same reason. If you are starting from work to school, do not forget the references from the company where you worked, or documents for tax returns due to them having to go back to the CR.

It is also important from the Ministry of Education have confirmed that your study based on a par with the standard master's degree, you do not pay the price of health insurance. The form can be found „here.“: Http://www.msmt­.cz/vzdelavani/uz­navani-studia-na-zahranicnich-vysokych-skolach-pro

And then it only remains to departure. But this is just beginning.

If you want to do a better picture of the study, there are continuous observations. I welcome your questions, and if it will do my best to answer them. For inspiration, some types of master's quali­fications (more here): • Master of Accountancy • Master of Aeronautical Science • Master of Applied Linguistics • Master of Applied Science • Master of Architecture • Master of Arts in Liberal Studies • Master of Aviation Medicine • Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology • Master of City Planning • Master of Commerce • Master of Communication • Master of Construction Management • Master of Criminal Justice • Master of Design • Master of Divinity • Master of Financial Engineering • Master of Fine Arts • Master of Geography • Master of Geographic Information Science and Systems • Master of Health Administration • Master of Health Care Informatics • Master of Industrial and Labor Relations • Master of Laws • Master of Library and Information Science • Master of Management • Master of Marriage and Family Therapy • Master of Nursing • Master of Pharmacy • Master of Philosophy • Master of Real Estate Development • Master of Religious Studies • Master of Sacred Music • Master of Science in Information Technology • Master of Science in Taxation • Master of Social Science • Master of Social Work • Master of Urban Planning • Master of Veterinary Science

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3110/a­dam.jpg * *] Photo: Adam Hazdra author of the text (private archive) By studying a master's degree MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Manchester in Great Britain.

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