Next year the competition Young Package is here! Added:25.10. 2009
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Next year the competition Young Package is here!

Young Package Competition is one of those trying to find talent among young designers. Is announced since 1996 and works from the beginning thanks to the initiative of Model Packaging.

** ** Topics For the first time provides the competition that is held for the fifteenth time, just two competition themes. The first is Product packaging ** ** ** subtitled Design packaging for sweets **. Competitive proposals may not yet be based on existing products and is not limited nature of the product for which container should be determined. Will compete in two age categories, of which one will be included university students and young designers under 30, then to the other students of secondary and higher vocational schools. The second category is characterized by topic ** Another view: Comics **, whose central theme is to be „box“. This category is new to the league and aims to involve the artists from other disciplines. Comics can be placed on product packaging to be alone product or can be a comic book production process outlined in the form of „boxes“. The theme of „boxes“ can also be grasped only metaphorically, and such boxes can make a hero of the story. Cello concept of comics is provided freely as well as its form: it may be drawn as a two-and three-dimensional in format. In this category will be assessed against all previous proposals together, regardless of their age and level of study School competitor. Detailed information on the rules of competition, including the technical requirements for processing proposals see „here“:…0/temata/a42.

** Registration terms ** The competition is open to all students of secondary schools, colleges and universities, and designers to thirty years. Competitors must itself and its proposal to register via the „online form“:, which is located on the Web competition. The final draft must then be sent by mail or in person within 18 hours to address the competition organizer (CZECHDESIGN.CZ os, K Safin 562, Prague 4 – Šeberov, 149 00), not later than 29th ** March 2010 ** (if sent by mail will also consider filing date). For more information about contest rules can be found „here“:…pravidla/a43. Announcement of competition results and the opening of an exhibition of winning work will take place in May 2010 ** **. The winners in both categories in the competition groups will receive 20 000 CZK. In addition, special price will be announced CZECHDESIGN.CZ.

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