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You can combine academic study with top sport? Added:30.10. 2009
Updated:5.9. 2012
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You can combine academic study with top sport?

Today, an interview with a young athlete peak, which is living proof that passion for racing and sport can unite to study at university. Paul Waugh (24), multi-champion Czech Republic in karate, said: „If man makes it fun as me, so I highly recommend!“

** Pavlo, readers can bring, what sport you do, how long and how did it get? ** I work almost 12 years of karate sport sector. I started with this sport in his hometown, in Vodňany, another sport at that time in a small town in addition to soccer and ballet simply not available.

** How long do you do karate at the top level and what it means to you? ** Karate, or rather the match, called the Kumite, the top level since he was 18 years old when I had the first exit with a representation of the Junior Championship held in Cyprus. Since I am a member Czech national team and represent our country as their performances, as a sign of a lion, which I wear embroidered on the upper part of the kimono.

** What successes have you achieved in the sport? ** I am a multiple champion in his weight CR 50 kg category and regardless of weight. The biggest successes as the title of Junior European champion in kumite 53 kg in the style of Goju-Ryu, 2 place at the World Championships in the category of women's kumite team, held in Miami, or 3rd place in the kumite category of women under 50 kg in the European Championships in Bern.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3118/Hol­ky_Linhartu.jpg * *] My sister and Zuzka (front) at the races

** I know you never had a problem with learning, so college was probably an obvious continuation of the study. According to what school you chose what you wanted to study? ** Originally I chose medicine at the 3rd Medical Faculty in Prague, where I got no entrance exams, but after I broke … really study session of learning anatomy atlases and me rather upset, than liked, and my busy time for me and there was only school in the evening workout. Now I am studying third year University of Chemical Technology in Dejvice field of microbiology. A better choice, but also heavy school!

** Would you chose otherwise? ** Now, I would definitely chose zemědělku, it's definitely lighter than the school ICT and title Ing. of which is the same, although the use of my school I have a hundred percent certain.

** Would you like to study and master's program? ** I definitely want to continue to master and complete his studies this school … hopefully this works!

** You will one day try to combine the sports and work and family? ** Surely a few more seasons in the representation will draw, but when he finds the right, so I like to settle down and pass on his experience as a trainer. This year the train was a group of children once a week. And their children? I will probably prefer the athletic or tennis, that sport can make a living, if he wanted to do professionally. Karate, unfortunately, can not support you as an athlete … The prestige is prestige.

** Can you describe your readers a normal day? ** I get up usually around seven hours … according to the school schedule, I have a workout nearly every day and takes up to an hour and three times a week I go to swim, sometimes a gym or spinning to the brigade, training, and of course school children. Learning catch up in the evenings and weekends when not racing. Constantly on the go, especially I am sorry that sleep much time.

** Based on the school and meet teachers somehow? ** I have an individual learning plan, if I need to move the trial because of credit or factories abroad, so I met them, but otherwise more or less my daily full-time, no big relief.

** What would you recommend to those who, like you, wanted to combine studying with top sport? ** It's hard work and it takes strong nerves. But if it makes a man happy, like me, so I highly recommend!

** Thanks for the interview and wish you much strength! **

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