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POLL: Gaudeamus Why? Added:31.10. 2009
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POLL: Gaudeamus Why?

Attendance this year's fair Gaudeamus universities reached a record number of 32,918 visitors. Some of them have asked, what are the intentions of the Gaudeamus and whence they came apart very Gaudeamu sources for information about how their future studies.

** Luke fan, 20 years Tislovec ** The Gaudeamus led me naturally interested in higher education and trying to determine what degree programs the schools have. I am resolved to international relations, so framing it in a particular school, where they are studying. Information away from the draw for stalls. In addition Gaudeamu looking to the Internet, a lot of schools talking with older friends who recommended me to some schools, quiz them on how it goes with them and stuff.

** Catherine Ondráčková Scotch and Martin, 17, Bystrice (3rd year) ** We wanted to inspire, where we could go after graduation, then we could better prepare. We have information about schools, but never sought, we do not have any idea on the go, and wait and see what we deliver.

** Paul frieze 18, Popovice at Rajhradu ** I came to look at high school, I draw on information on the Internet via Google.

** Kylar John, 17, Lanškroun (3rd year) ** Participation in Gaudeamu have mandatory, deputy director told us that we must go. A ticket to serve as an excuse Gaudeamus. Let's go to McDonalds, buy you some clothes, the pohodička. And there are nice girls, girls at school do not. Height do not resolve much.

** Dagmar Haladová, 18, Praha ** I wanted to look at high school, yet I like it here – the people and atmosphere. For information please go to the school website, where I reported.

** Ivan Kosina, 18 years, the audience ** I want to choose the height, so here I am. I draw information from the Internet, from friends … friends I need some advise, I will find your school, read it and decide. Here I like especially přehídka Defense University.

** Bryol George, 18, Czech Trebova (3rd year) ** I wanted to ulejt from school. Information on the heights do not take out of nowhere, probably because I'm not going to college, I'm not smart enough.

** Helen Hyršová, 19, Trebic ** I'd have chosen a college, but I have no confidence in it. Meaning it is more for someone who knows exactly where he wants to go, and then you can just bypass the schools that they will collect. There's a lot of people here and I just wander, but we got free, so why not. I'm looking for information on the Internet and buy a teaching newspaper, this is such a better Gaudeamus.

** Opálková Silvia, 19, Kyjov ** Learn more about the schools and get advice on where to go. Seeking information on the Internet at school sites and also from brochures.

** Barbara Kapiasová, 21 years old Olomouc ** I hope you know that the school would be of interest to me and what and how you need to do to get there. Ťapkám here, looking at leaflets, see. Then of course the internet and go down the list of colleges.

** Peter Jonak, 16, Lidman (2nd year) ** Look at the school, it is better to choose first, then I can better decide and prepare. I draw information on the internet surfing. Or is Google asking you to click through the field and links.

** Turečková Radek, 18, Breclav ** I wanted to choose a school in economics, which impressed me, and I chose. Now I still regularly watch webovky selected schools.

** Stephen Black and Luke Slezacek, 18, Ivancice ** We choose a school focused on science. We draw information from the Internet, fliers in the school of advertising as we say education advisors …

** Magdalene Petráková, 18 Held ** I arrived at the Gaudeamus with the idea that it will place my stop dithering and indecisive I decided to leave, armpit high school with flyers to get on you. But before my eyes adjusted to, Motala, I kept saying. Practically, I just pick up leaflets at the stands that I had to study for a bus home. The benefit was that I already know which school you can study the thing I care about, they are open days when they make application and čtvťáky bus travel with them as I do something about it and she was punished. The information is otherwise trying to draw directly from the website of each school, usually without a successful outcome.

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