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Statement deans of law schools CR Added:25.10. 2009
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Statement deans of law schools CR

Deans of law faculties of public universities in the Czech Republic at its regular meeting and discussed the current situation caused by the Pilsen scandal and decided to take it to the following statement:

1st We are concerned about information nasvědčujícími long-term fundamental rights and violations of academic rules and practices at the Law Faculty in Pilsen, which casts an unfavorable light on the Law School and other universities in the Czech Republic.

2nd We believe that the remedy can only lead rigorous investigations into all cases of dispute, the competent authorities. The situation should not be misused to restrict academic freedom at Czech universities and purposeful non-conceptual changes in the Higher Education Act.

3rd Faculty of Law, University of West Bohemia should be given the opportunity to clear his name both cooperating in the investigation, both the adoption of such changes to ensure a standard and transparent procedures for study at the Law Faculty.

Under the Law Faculty of Palacky in Olomouc prof. JUDr. Milan Hrušáková, PhD.

Under the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague: prof. JUDr. Ales Gerloch, PhD.

Under the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno: prof. JUDr. Nadezhda Rozehnalová, PhD.

In Olomouc on 21 10th 2009

Source: Press Office UPOL

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