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What was this year's Gaudeamus and what you can expect from the Prague? Added:28.10. 2009
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What was this year's Gaudeamus and what you can expect from the Prague?

On it we asked Paul Mikula, service fair and Chairman MP-Soft, Inc.

** Could you please evaluate the course of this year's Gaudeamus in Brno? ** We did most of the exhibitors and spectators, and they just would have had us evaluate, they alone are the most objective judge. I am satisfied with the course of the fair because it was in many ways a record.

** Can you specify further? What was different from last year? ** The fair is bigger, we had 208 exhibitors, more than 50 more than in 2008. Regarding traffic, I guess over 32 000 visitors, so it will be a record, while the strongest was the second and third day.

** What was the interest of foreign exhibitors this year? ** International section we expanded, participated in it over 80 exhibitors, mainly due to Chinese and Finnish universities, where there were over 20 from each country. Generally we expect a decline in interest of foreign exhibitors because of the crisis, and indeed our portfolio declined from our ordinary foreign universities, especially from Germany, Holland, Austria and England. But this was expected because of the crisis, it is a logical outcome.

** In January, about the Prague Fair Gaudeamus. How much volume is and who is it for? ** It will be the third year of our trade fair in Prague. In January, the majority of quarters already decided where to go, so the Prague Gaudeamus is designed especially třeťákům who have yet to choose their graduation subjects, and still pending čtvrťákům. It's more fair planning such graduate education, which is not in the Czech Republic up to normal. But I personally see that as well as Czech students slowly learn to plan, and I believe that it will bring more traffic to the Prague exhibition.

** What are your expectations from the Prague Gaudeamu in number of exhibitors? ** Even the Prague Fair constantly reinforced, so I assume that the number of exhibitors and visitors about the increase and that we will in more than one hall. Prague Fair is a time-shifted, so that exhibitors can catch. Last year there were over 100 and assume that their number will increase. Participate once again be the international university.

(The interview took place shortly after the fair, when official statistics were not yet known. More specific information can be found in the „press release to Gaudeamus.“: Http://www.gau­ 2Freport_b09 & mf = 1000000)

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