To study America? Fulbrigtova Commission order Added:29.10. 2009
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To study America? Fulbrigtova Commission order

What are the possibilities of studying in America, where and how to get the necessary scholarships to find the right school and what needs to be processed? In all this, but also on many other issues will be a series of information sessions and lectures, entitled „Study in America ** **“, organized by the Fulbright Commission, and during her visit in November, four of the Czech Republic.

All candidates will have the opportunity during these meetings to discuss your plans with the study advisor and coordinator of the EducationUSA network of Fulbright scholarships, and there will also be able to meet personally with participants of the Fulbright scholarship. In addition, each participant receives a gift from the organizers in the form of a CD titled „10 Steps to Study in the U.S. – Move your horizons. Study in America. “.

The first meeting will be held on the 9th November in Ostrava, namely the Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava. Another two shares held Fulbright Commission in Brno, ranked 10th and 11 November is always there in the Conference Hall of the Moravian Library. A day later, on 12th November, Fulbright moved to the American Center in Prague, where he featured in the International Education Week 2009th The last stop of the event will Olomouc – The first part will be the 25th November at the Philosophical Faculty of Palacky University in the 26th and the second November at the Central Library of the University Palacky. Admission to all lectures and meetings are free.

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