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School play - the totality Added:15.11. 2009
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School play - the totality

This year's graduates was first composed of the children, all born in the free world. Constant supervision of the state and experience the presence of generalized fear. What they can best help you make your own opinion on the totality? Telling parents and grandparents? Texts from books? What most young people to bring the atmosphere of totalitarianism is seeking, inter alia, the project system and it goes through the „experience“.

„Mrs. Eliášová, did you hear foreign broadcasts?“ An investigator from the Ministry of Security, I looked straight into his eyes. „Yes? This posting is dirty manipulative propaganda against the system! Are informed promptly about the mayor or commissioner? " His stone face and shivered approached. "You have no idea where it could carry? It is possible that on your radio station? "He raised his eyebrows and took air into the lungs,“ Why do not you know that? " I shook my head numbly. The posting I knew nothing about it, I earnestly portrayed by all possible suspicion of local students and citizens, including her husband.

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Even such a scene might look like part of the Project The Association of Civil Court of Moravia, which focuses on organizing adventure games. The rules are simple – players will outline the realities in which the game takes place, and everyone gets out in detail the character of its properties, history and goals in the game, in which a few moments Imagine. The game can take two hours and all weekend, as was also the last – system project – which took place on three weekends in the fall during September and October.

„A three-quarters of the year, when the ideological system of the project began, we knew that our new game must have a strong theme that engages and addresses a wide range of people,“ says Paul Gotthard project starts, a member of the Association of Brno. „We totalitarian theme of all the other candidates chose a surprisingly fast. We see little things very sharply on Czech and international political scene. It is said that if you want to cook a frog, do not throw it straight into a pot of boiling water – it pops itself. You have to give her the cold water and slowly warm up. And our greatest wish was that the project system as many people showed, which may slow this warm water to keep the political field. “

The experiential events were carefully planned interiors and exteriors of action specifically tailored suits and sophisticated characters of citizens who played by the participants. In outlying areas near the camp Zubri at New Town in Moravia, meeting people willing to take tens of hours to a new identity and try to empathize with her character and the world in which they live, whether it was the teacher trying to sow seeds of doubt among students of justice system, the supervising officer for a family of people with integrity and privacy of the student-informant seeking a career in the party.

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„Originally we wanted a third term of the system was completely designed for high school graduation of years,“ outlines the initial plans for the Gotthard. "We believed that it was these young people are at an age when they form their political views and thus for them to project an attractive system. The whole system of interactive drama does not make one unified truth, but only opens the door to free thought, "said Gotthard nečernobílost project.

„Students today are considering whether they are an adult world in general and relates to whether to vote. Experiencing totalitarianism firsthand would be allowed them to build their decisions on some experience, "said another member of the Association George Zlatohlavek. "The game we have to inform teachers of history and social sciences from the selected schools, who have the information and services is spread among their students. Testimonials teachers were warm and the game we actually signed several high school students. "Interested but unfulfilled expectations, and the applications were open to others. "In the Czech education system we have to go a long way to catch up with the West, but in the current situation could be an interactive drama in education, for example, the motivation of students to study,“ comments Zlatohlavek.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3128/sys­tem1.jpg] Photos by Martin Hince

The question is, how much is actually involved with a similar history useful in their reflections. „Somehow I was out of the game could get. My ears still sounded the anthem and I am after a night full of dreams awoke with the conviction that I was under a totalitarian regime, "assesses the strength of experience, one of the participants Veronica Bartosova. "For me, the illusion of reality in places so real, the only thing that spoiled it for me was that the player does not remember the names of all the surrounding characters,“ Theresa Hanzlova nods. Gotthard I confirm that the impact on the game player has been strong: „For many people The mean fundamental change in their thinking about politics and human values, for many people this was the reason why he never missed even one election,“ describes the reaction of the discussions game. „The 17th Anniversary November preparing the final presentation of outputs from the system, where it will be people who twenty-seven hours of totalitarianism had, to meet and personally ask for their opinions. According to them, then see how much really has changed the political system project ideas involved. “

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