FF MU in a new project advises you to read Added:1.1. 2009
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FF MU in a new project advises you to read

Cabinet Library and Central Library of the Masaryk University in Brno, the project realized READ (SY) LOVE. The name of the project is reducing the reader's full name and sympathetic guide exactly are his ambitions. „ČTE_SY_RÁD is constantly updated database of readable books to recommend. Whether you're wandering reader (just do not know what to read), bored reader (you've just read“ everything „) and convinced nečtenář (just not reading) – The sympathetic reader's advisor will find“ the right „!“ write to the creators' website project ": http://www.ctesyrad.cz/.

On this website you will find lists of books nejčtivějších divided by genre. Good reading material recommended by various experts, authors of the project but do not forget the tips readers themselves, which dedicated a special section. The book can also recommend to let the celebrities.

Source: „www.ctesyrad.cz“: http://www.ctesyrad.cz/.

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