The Special Branch: rekreologie Added:7.11. 2009
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The Special Branch: rekreologie

Rekreologie, recreation or science? Can it be! But do not expect a scientifically sanctioned examination lounging on the beach. Rekreologie the field of active moments of leisure. What is the role played by its students and graduates? Learn about our special fields.

Course characteristics ===== =====

Rekreologie field is young, emerging with increasing mental and physical stress of our profession in today's hectic world. With the new requirements associated with the quality to relax, rest and leisure full time. The focus of the field is highly specialized, while there is a more specialized, as well as leisure activities are varied palette. The majority, however, focus on sports activities – both traditional and untraditional. What is the range of very important and necessary, communication with people – just about working with people, clients that are running.

===== Study Content

What to expect when studying? In particular, a lot of sport and exercise. Among the compulsory subjects taught, various sports disciplines ranging from classical (athletics, basketball, swimming volleyball, gymnastics), the classical ones (sports games – unusual and less well-known rock climbing, artificial wall climbing, canoeing). The compulsory subjects are also avoided those focusing on communication theory and work with people (psychology, pedagogy, sociology, didactics, communication skills), the anatomical and biological knowledge (fundamentals of physiology, physiological load, basic first aid, anatomy) and the objects emerging business um and illuminating look at the overall theory Recreology and physical culture. Optional courses offer extended and punctuated, like you can in drama education, regeneration and sports massage, wind surfing, golfing, dancing, frisbee, reflective art, snowboard, play in human life, survival – the survival rate in the winter countryside, sailing, fitness and bodybuilding. And you will enjoy a mandatory practice.

. <> * *** The compulsory subjects are taught there are both classic and sports disciplines, as well as those less normal (photo: stock.xchng) *

===== Graduate Profile

After graduation graduates should be able to handle both individual and group work with clients, but also to raise funds for the implementation of leisure activities and to secure the material conditions. They should be prepared to risk factors for physical security operations, according to the plan to be able to implement practical actions that affect physical health, search and process information necessary to understand a wide range of leisure activities suitable for their clients. And in which institutions and organizations to apply? It may be a recreational facility, school and extracurricular organizations, educational institutions, fitness centers, program centers, training and development centers, spas, travel agencies, hotels, sports clubs, or non-profit organizations working in the field.

===== Exams

At the entrance to prepare for written tests in foreign language, general knowledge and biology. But most importantly in bringing the desired physical performance. This means that the adoption you'll have to coast down and swim fast, to show that you know where you aim the basketball and volleyball, and that you are masters of their body in gymnastic exercises. Your future schoolmasters with you also might want to first talk in the oral interview.

Where to study?

** Palacký University **



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