The Special Branch: tutoring Added:26.11. 2013
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The Special Branch: tutoring

The personality of each of us in shaping our lives not only the environment in which they operate, but also people with whom we interact frequently. Those certainly are our family, friends, teachers, educators also need different types of school, leisure or social facilities. And courses aimed at educators can now imagine.

Contents === === study Fields of study focusing on educators are usually kind of knowledge from the intersection of pedagogy, psychology, sociology, and other humanities, methodological and managerial fields. Most of them participated in focused on pedagogy in a particular socio-educational facilities or institutions such as dealing with a physically or mentally handicapped people. Under the programs aimed at educators but are also dealing with subjects such as pedagogy of free time. These are then usually focus more on education in the field of experiential education, environmental education, sports, creative development of the individual, etc. In addition to the above courses, students are educated vychovatelských also methodological issues of leadership and organizing groups, youth education, prevention, pathology, etc. Field pedagogy content is very similar to other fields of study that our high schools offer. Therefore, if you are interested in this area, you can look at a selection of schools for subjects such as „social pedagogy“:…em/index.php?…, „Special Education ":…em/index.php?…; experiential learning ":…em/index.php?… "social work“:…em/index.php?…, social counseling and many others.

=== Unwritten profile candidates

Study of pedagogy and its application in practice generally requires, as about any work with people, some degree of sensitivity and ability to find adequate access to clients, the ability to properly analyze the nature of their problems, prevent and foremost is adequately addressed. It is almost necessary in this field and a reasonable dose of empathy and social sensitivity, the rapid disposition and conscious response or to deal with difficult life situations, all with high awareness of responsibility for the results of their decisions. Of course there should be the art of leading people and ability to deal with them.

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  • Without realizing it, the care during the life of educators meets every one of us (photo: stock.xchng) *

Subjects === === During the study, given the focus of naznačenému industry can meet with subjects such as education and special education, human biology, psychology, philosophy, sociology, Psychopedics (field of special education, dealing with the education of persons with mental or other mental disabilities), emotional disturbances ( discipline dealing with the education of socially disturbed youth), speech therapy (the science of speech disorders and their correction and pronunciation), Pathopsychology (field dealing with disease states and the anomalous nature of mental processes and states), social pathology, psychotherapy, penology (the study involved forms of punishment and regulation, power and effects), the methodology of extracurricular activities, mental hygiene, medical assistance, social communication, courses focusing on various forms of therapy and many others.

Graduate Profile === === The range of career options, where the study of pedagogy issue is very broad. Graduates of this field is usually applied as educators in various types of educational, social and educational, social or recreational facilities (such as schools and after-school clubs, specialized counseling, nursing care, aftercare centers, therapeutic communities, crisis centers for children, diagnosis, child homes, leisure centers, and emergency contact centers, Clubs for children and youth, etc.).. Redeem but may, for example in social services, psychiatric hospitals, correctional facilities and rehabilitation centers, in prisons, the police in the refugee centers, the integration of refugees and so on. Graduates focused on leisure time pedagogy may find application inter alia in the Leisure Centre of adults and youth, environmental education centers, school clubs and youth centers, the development team of organizations and work collectives, etc., not only as educators but also as advisors, managers, organizers of free time at other positions.

Where can I study pedagogy

** Accessible CZECH Bc **

  • ** ** Faculty of Theology
  • ** Program ** tutoring
  • Field ** ** Pedagogy of leisure time (Bachelor, Master. Follow-up)
  • ** Web: ** „“:…dagogika_mgr


** Technical University of Liberec **

  • ** Faculty of natural sciences, Humanities and Education **
  • ** Program ** tutoring
  • Field ** ** Pedagogy of leisure time (Bc)
  • ** Web: ** „“:…m-a-kurzy/60


  • ** Faculty **
  • ** Program ** tutoring
  • Field ** ** Pedagogy of leisure time (Bc), pedagogy for special educational institutions (Mgr. downstream), tutoring for special equipment (Mgr., note.: In AK. 2010/11 year will not open)
  • ** Web: ** „“:…

** ** The University of

  • ** Faculty **
  • ** Program ** tutoring
  • Field ** ** Pedagogy of leisure time, focusing on physical education and sport (Bc), Social Education, focusing on institutional care (Bc), Social Education, focusing on institutional care (Bc), Special Education (Bachelor)
  • ** Web: ** „“:

** University of Jan Amos Comenius **


  • ** Faculty **
  • ** Program ** tutoring
  • Field ** ** tutoring (Bc)
  • ** Web: ** „“ https: / / / study / podprij / index.php? To detailobor & id_obor = = 7123 = 11410 & Science

** Palacký University **

  • ** Faculty **
  • ** Program ** tutoring
  • Field ** ** tutoring (Bc), Proceedings of leisure activities (Mgr. related)
  • ** Web: ** „“:…ske-studium/

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