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Children's Corners in universities Added:10.11. 2009
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Children's Corners in universities

Return to the classroom can be a longer pause harder than you yourself expect. Some opt for further study after maternity leave – a bit forced, but no doubt beautiful isolation. But how to entertain kids at times when the students re-moms and dads need not rebound on the study, a lecture or exam? Fortunately, there are high schools that parents have decided to accommodate the establishment of children's corner right on campus.

** What is ** Although the world's univer­sities have not objevného about them in our homeland with the idea of ​​babysitting promotes relatively slowly. Long was a rather unusual extras, and only recently the trend in children's corners begin to successfully expand across the country. At least for their establishment began to talk more.

** ** How it works Babysitting in children's corners provide mostly volunteers and volunteer ** **, not to a lucrative summer job, but rather an effort to help a little and learn something. The children can look after themselves and parents taking care of other children and staff help out mightily. Children's corners are ** free **, but parents must follow certain fixed rules. Some corners such as requiring prior reservation ** ** that can be performed over the Internet or by telephone. ** ** The time during which you can fry in your corner „delay“ is usually limited ** ** most of the length of one lecture. The parent must also guard against the side to let you call us in case it would be necessary to summon him quickly. It is interesting that babysitting is not intended only students and students, but it can also use the ** ** university employees. We also tried to create a small list of high schools on their land provide babysitting.

** Where to find ** In Prague you will find a children's pla­yground just starting this September at the University of Economics ** ** specifically ** Faculty of Economics **. Children's corner here but it works only on Mondays and Thursdays and for children 2 to 6 years. Operating Rules and other information can be found „here“:…. Similar advances can be used by students and staff ** Czech Technical University **. Here is a project promoting „corporate“ nursery school, which should be operational next year. Projections of a children's playroom is also considering the ** Faculty of Arts, Charles University **. It has recently been reopened in a trial called DET-KO, children's pla­yground on the ** Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno **. Babysitting can be used by students and staff of other faculties and even other schools in Brno. Pages that children's corner you can see „at this address“:, photos from events held already for the kids to see „this link“: /. Children's pla­yground can also be found in the building of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering ** ** Technical University in Liberec. For details on booking places you can find on „this link“:

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