Palacky University has new president Added:7.11. 2009
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Palacky University has new president

New Rector of Palacky University in Olomouc became Miroslav Mašlán ** ** Head of the Department of Experimental Physics, Faculty of Science.

In the second round of elections earnings beat Ivo Bartečka fourteen votes from the Department of History Faculty of Arts, with nine votes.

Current Rector, Inauguration, term expires at the end of January next year, then his successor enters the office since February. The term of office is four years, will last until the end of 2014.

Prof. Ing. Mašlán Miroslav, Ing. Born in 1957 in Zlin, is married and has three children. Since the late eighties has at Palacky University as a university teacher. Experience as a Vice-Dean and Vice-Rector for Science and Research. Its main objective will be primarily to raise the scientific level and prestige of universities, professionals not only profit from the Czech scientific community and the involvement of faculties and departments in international research programs.

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