According to Scio level graduates decreasing Added:9.11. 2009
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According to Scio level graduates decreasing

The level of Czech graduates has not narrowed. On the contrary, even in English, according to Scio, rising.

Workers Scia test ending nearly five thousand high school students from Czech, a foreign language, mathematics and study skills. Gave them exactly the same tests that graduates filled just eleven years ago and the results compared. Students fared worse only in mathematics. „Overall, the test results but contrary to general belief that the quality of school graduates and particularly strongly in recent years has declined,“ assessed director Ondrej Stefl for the server

Testing was part of the company ** Scio „MATURANT probe after 11 years' **. Years ago, the "probes“ involved around 70 000 pupils. The project had presented a preparatory step toward state graduation. This year the students tested last year that he meets the state graduation.

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