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Where do graduates welcome with open arms and where they earn the most? Added:19.11. 2009
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Where do graduates welcome with open arms and where they earn the most?

„It can not support you,“ you may have heard as a response to the poetry of your dream business. What salary and it is a selection criterion for future studies and professions. Where to go for a certain place and a full wallet will tell our story.

How can it really stand graduates in general? Dry talking numbers in higher education benefits. According to the study of education policy Education Centre of Charles University in Prague, Czech university graduates are 69% less risk of unemployment than the rest of the population and also earn 66% more. And what they do pay graduates? Average is 42 crowns (Let's take this into account but it is a gross wage, and that also allows people with higher vocational education).

Most desirable fields ===== =====

Education Policy Studies Centre Pdf UK also shows how the success of graduates in finding employment type of school they attended. It turned out that it is best to graduate doctors, lawyers and engineers, a great fear of unemployment may not have even educators and economists. Difficult position, however, are graduates of faculties of arts and agriculture, while the unemployment rate for artists with last year despite a general decline in 2008 further increased. It must however take into account the number of graduates that the school and of course the conditions of the region in which the school is located. The specific results of individual unemployment universities and faculties, and a summary of a study on the status of university graduates in the labor market for 2008 can be downloaded „here“:…VP_MF_v2.pdf.

How does the structure of job opportunities in practice? Ing. Ondrej Myslivecek, analyst at LMC, said that 28% of all offers of suitable graduates to portal, which operates the LMC, were customer service positions, 27% of the administrative work. 18% of advertisers offered positions in banking and financial services and offers 13% came from both sales and trading, IT, economics and the construction industry.

===== Best paid professions

Where to easily find work, we already know, but where we pay the most? "We are still among the highest paid positions for graduates in IT, pharmaceuticals (business representatives), engineers and technologists – in short, all scarce profession. Graduate with no experience at best obtained starting salary of 25 thousand CZK, with the practice of CZK 30 thousand, "says Myslivecek.

Detailed statistics on the amount of average gross monthly salary brings the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. If we look at non-business sphere, simply to state employees, most are on the legislators, senior officials and managers, just behind Technicians and associate professionals and members of the army. Seven rated the best non-business positions with an average gross monthly wage is as follows:

1st Director of central government authority 60 503 CZK 2nd The director, deputy service department, the department Presidium, in office, the administration of the police 56 046 CZK 3rd The head of government, administrative authority (except the central authorities) 49 968 CZK 4th A doctor specializing in the field nec 45 997 CZK 5th Head of central government authority 45 349 CZK 6th Director of government authority, the administrative office (except the central authorities) 43 066 CZK 7th Leaders, representatives of the departments, groups on the Presidium, in office, the administration of the police 42 100 CZK

In the business sphere are the best managers and executives (CEOs and presidents of large organizations and enterprises, managers of different departments, business, economic and technical directors in the banking, insurance, but also in various branches of production and services). Scattering the salaries of individual positions is quite large, the highest gross monthly salaries ranging up to over 100 thousand crowns for the director of the largest enterprises. The second highest paid group of business are scientists and academics. Lucrative positions in this group are:

1st Designer and Analyst Computer Systems 50 678 CZK 2nd Lawyers, legal advisers (among the legal profession and the judiciary) 48 653 CZK 3rd Engineer manager of integrated information systems, networks 47 174 CZK 4th The programmer specialist in the field of computer technology 46 747 CZK 5th Designers of electronic systems and telecommunications networks, engineers – elec 42 996 CZK 6th Marketing Specialist 42 906 CZK 7th Construction of structures and facilities engineer 42 459 CZK

We can expect some changes in the evolution of the labor market? "Changes in the short term can not be expected, it will still be enough graduates in economic and humanities, and fewer graduates in technical fields. Become more lucrative in the long term specialized fields such as genetics, cybernetics, professions related to the processing and transmission of data, "explains Myslivecek.

Source: „Study Summary PDF GMP UK“:…VP_MF_v2.pdf, „MLSA“:

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