FAMU Students will again present their work Added:10.11. 2009
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FAMU Students will again present their work

In the days since 12 ** 15 ** November will take place at Prague's Archa Theatre has the 26th annual film festival of student work called FAMUfest **. ** As the name suggests, its content will consist of works created in the attic of the Prague Faculty of Film and Television Academy. On display there will be more than a hundred films, which originated at FAMU last year. Will be divided into several blocks of competitive and non-competitive and will be screened simultaneously in the small and large theater hall. The prices of some of the festival, however, will also seek authors have unrealized scenarios as well as participants in a photo competition.

The show, which this year carries the spirit of the film Fantomas, make a number of interesting lectures by prominent personalities from the Czech and foreign cinematographic works. Organizers invited including well-known American director and a former two Oscars Barbara Kopple, who on presenting his paper Famufest Shut Up & Sing, 2006. Among those invited is also a Czech director Petr Zelenka and film teacher and journalist Kamil Fila. Besides all this, but visitors can also enjoy the festival for four evening concerts and live DJ performances.

The whole show will open the movie premiere graduate Jitka Rudolph called Dreamers, who, according to festival spokesman Martin Melchior, boldly same day „coincidence“ and in Czech cinemas. Opening night, which falls on Thursday, will accompany members of the theater Vosto5. Sunday's climax of the show will be in addition to another program, notably winning films screenings and a concert by U.S. band Vetiver. The all-day ticket, which includes not only film shows the evening concerts, pay from Thursday to Saturday, 80 crowns, on Sunday, then 100 CZK.

For more information visit „famufest.lece­risier.net“: http://famufest.lecerisier.net/.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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