The Special Branch: Meteorology and Climatology Added:23.12. 2013
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The Special Branch: Meteorology and Climatology

Wind, rain neporučíš, says a famous adage. Even though this is now some scientists and politicians trying to change, the truth is that the nature of their government to talk too much leaves. One can at least learn the weather forecast, analyze and, if possible, it also fully exploited. Not only these but also in many other areas of study weather and climate will also address some of the courses at our universities.

Contents === === study Fields of study focused on the study of weather and climate can be found in our schools usually under the auspices of meteorology and climatology. Their main interest is mainly hydrodynamic and thermodynamic processes in the atmosphere, but the pay is close to other disciplines, particularly physical nature (for example, atmospheric optics, acoustics and electricity, radiation in the atmosphere, cloud and precipitation physics, etc.). Another branch of education in this field it seeks to teach a variety of statistical and computational methods and their application in forecasting and analytical experience. Failure is not even ecology, especially the issue of air pollution and impacts of human activities on the Earth's atmosphere, climate change, the effects of stratospheric and tropospheric ozone, etc. Knowledge of weather and climate events are not well applied also in the military. It is well aware of the University of Defence (CS), which gave the region an independent undergraduate study, entitled The Military Geography and Meteorology. The aim of such a course is to provide students knowledge of methods of collection, processing and analysis of geographic and meteorological phenomena and learn how the information is then presented correctly. All procedures used in the context of the geographical and meteorological support the armed forces of the CR.

. <> * *** The results of the work of meteorologists and climatologists can be used in a wide range of disciplines, not just weather prediction (photo: stock.xchng) *

Subjects === === The study of Meteorology and Climatology of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University for example, you may encounter with such subjects, such as dynamic meteorology, atmospheric dynamics, synoptic meteorology, Methods of physical measurements, meteorological instruments and observation methods, general climatology, etc. The presentation of the field Military Geography and Meteorology at the CS can be found, inter alia, military geography and ecology, geographical and meteorological support, climatology, aviation meteorology and many more.

Graduate Profile === === Frequent cílovištěm graduates focused on climatology and meteorology are part of the Academy of Sciences and other research institutes, but also apply, for example, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, at colleges and in many sectors of the economy are affected by atmospheric processes (transport, energy, agriculture, etc). Graduates of the Military Geography and Meteorology at the CS can be used in professional and managerial positions, where they can use their knowledge of the proper provision of geographic and hydrometeorological information and services leading to the security needs of the defense of territory and its interests.

Where can I study to study


  • ** Faculty of Mathematics and Physics **
  • Study Program ** ** Physics
  • ** Study ** Meteorology and Climatology (only section. Follow-up)
  • ** Web: ** „“:…magbakst.htm

** University of Defence **

  • Study Program **: ** Military Technology
  • ** Study ** Military Geography and Meteorology (Bachelor and Master. Follow-up)
  • ** Web: ** „“ https: / / / SASP / index.aspx

Courses focusing on meteorology and climatology are also studied such as:

** Palacký University **

  • ** Faculty **
  • Department of Geography
  • ** Fields of study: ** Geography-Geoinformatics, protection and development environment, Systematic Biology and Ecology (all only Bc)
  • ** Web: ** „geography.upol­.cz“:


  • ** Faculty of Transportation **
  • Department of Air Transport
  • ** Fields of study: ** Professional Pilot (Bachelor only)
  • ** Web: ** „“:…denty-uld/pp


  • ** Faculty Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources **
  • Department of Agroecology and Biometeorology
  • ** Faculty of Engineering **
  • Department vehicles and road transport
  • ** Web: ** meteorology: „“:…vyhledavani/?… = 0 & search = Search +% BB & y = 1076 & _smartform_con­trol_bd03efc32bbbf4cc93­100600906529b7 = true climatology „“:…vyhledavani/?… = 0 & lang = 0 & search = Search +% BB & y = 1076 & _smartform_con­trol_bd03efc32bbbf4cc93­100600906529b7 = true

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