Visit Czech-Danish Days at CTU! Added:11.11. 2009
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Visit Czech-Danish Days at CTU!

Technology and Innovation Centre of Czech Technical University in Prague in cooperation with the Central European Centre for Management Innovation held on their soil ** Czech Danish-day **. The event bears the subtitle "Building bridges between research and practice – Czech and Scandinavian experience, and it should just focus on the possibilities and limits interaction between science and commercialization.

Czech-Danish Days will be held on the 18th ** and 19 November 2009 **. Their participation in the seminar the Minister of Education promised Miroslav Kopicova. It is expected that the seminar will feature a catalog of projects, which will indicate possible future developments in the area. Should then establish specific projects.

Admission to the event is free but must register before 12 November. Conference language will be English. Detailed program, registration form and more information, see „this link“:

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