Celebration in November 1989 at the Mendel University Added:13.11. 2009
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Celebration in November 1989 at the Mendel University

Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, is connected to the celebrations of the 20th On the anniversary of Students' Fight for Freedom and Democracy 17th November 1989 with its own program. Festive Events Student Association Academic Senate at MUAF will take place at ** Technical Museum in Brno **.

After the opening ceremony, visitors can expect an official speech Mgr. Kristina Maresova, PhD. And show Dr. Archivists. Alena Mikovcová that speech should be put into contemporary context in the country and the world. Following the discussion.

The program will include a knowledge competition on price and production of wine tasting and be taken by students at MUAF in Brno. Program can be found at this site „this site“: http://www.mendelu.cz/cz?….

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