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What was it like to study before '89? Added:17.11. 2009
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What was it like to study before '89?

Who should and who did not qualify under communism to study in college? What was VUML and where before 1989 to buy a calculator? How do I look like a college cafeteria?

** Admission to study ** A study of high school theoretically could apply each holder of a secondary title, but there were several large „but.“ The first prerequisite for successful admission to membership in the Communist Party of parents and class teacher recommendation from high school. In it, among other things to discover such „threats“ such as membership in the Boy Scouts or affiliation to any church – in this case have had to question prospective students a high-ranking friend who intercede for him. In addition to the positive assessment class teacher had to have a good opinion and from the street committee – an association which represented the district in which the student lived. For a large part of the study subjects, such as teaching faculty, it must be a member of the Union of Socialist Youth.

If you got all these recommendations have yet to succeed in entrance examinations. These consisted of a written test and interview, in which, inter alia, examined the „worldview“ that is, attitude toward the Communist Party. Even if you had all the prerequisites to fulfill these conditions, there were still many fields such as law, medicine and diplomacy, where it was also advisable to have „known“ in the admissions committee or her hand over an envelope stuffed with the money put on.

** Defunct ** subjects and titles To a certain extent also varied menu of study subjects. Today, most young people can hardly imagine what lay beneath the study of military training or university study program for Pionýrové group leaders. And you know what has been called VUML? It was the Evening University of Marxism – Leninism, the party which offered the highest education at the district level was intended primarily to members of the Communist Party. It is now also the title does not RSDr., Doctor of socio-political science (doctor rerum socialium), which was awarded to politically-oriented universities. On the other hand, did not use now so widespread Bachelor degree.

** The course of study ** Lectures on Marxism-Leninism were part of all study subjects. Menu languages ​​include Russian, of course compulsory, but neither was present as English. Seminar and similar works were written by hand, final thesis on the machine. Most lectures there was a printed script. When the teacher lectures used solely blackboard and chalk, sometimes took to help and overhead projector. Today, common study aids are in short supply, such as the calculator became Tuzex queue.

** ** Student Life The older generation reminisces about the most intimate study circles – had earlier studied in stable groups, which were all common items, so they all knew each other well. Most students also lived in dormitories or commuted, today's „privates“ were an exception. Colleges usually used to have a common bathroom and kitchen, the number of people with varied rooms, could be a two, but also eight people. It was strictly separate floors or even entire blocks by gender. Witnesses overwhelmingly agree that the canteen was horrible. On the other hand, students had the opportunity, if they decided not to go into them, financially advantageous to buy vouchers with which they could apply in different buffets, as well as restaurants. About traveling abroad, most students could only dream of, were only available to countries allied with the USSR. Students were also often abused by the State as „cheap labor“ – the famous Brigade of hops were just one example of this approach.

As shown, the study had pre-‚89 several advantages. Today‘s college students should not forget that they have over their parents in the study not only more freedom and options.

Note: This article was based on interviews with survivors in my neighborhood.

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